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Vince Neil
A Concert Review

December 27, 1994

The Metro

Chicago, IL

A Review by
The Dude on the Left &
The Dude on the Right
The Dude on the Right
Vince Neil. Some of you are probably saying, "who the hell is Vince Neil?" Well, to refresh your memory, do you recall Motley Crue? Well, he was the lead singer for the Crue. He's out on his own now, working on completing a two year tour, which brought him to The Metro in Chicago on December 27th, a rescheduled date due to a throat ailment that cancelled his show a week earlier. The show helped me remember much of the earlier Crue songs I knew and loved, but forgot about over the years.

With a talented band cruising around with him, this was definitely a song for his older fans. If I picked it out right, there were only about two songs that are from his solo album, with the rest being Motley Crue classics. "Kickstart" got the crowd into it, and the hits kept coming. "Girls, Girls, Girls" into "Same Ol' Situation," Wild Side," "Looks That Kill." Yep, a cool show it was. He played "Home Sweet Home," that song that every piano player who wants to be in a metal band knows at least the opening chords, and the encore kicked the crowd out with LiveWire and Dr. Feelgood.

It was kinda sad, though, the show being all ages at Metro. See, the Metro has an early curfew. I was hoping for a little longer show, with some more originals mixed in, that is what he should be about now. But I suppose the curfew, and his throat may have kept the show a little short. Yep, it appeared his throat was still bothering him a bit, as many times during songs the band jumped into extended solos while Vince Neil departed off stage, possibly to suck on a box of Sucrets or something.

All in all, sore throat and all, Vince Neil put on one hell of a show. The classics played showed he still has the talent that brought Motely Crue around, and the hint of originals showed some promise. But, like I said, I would have liked a few more originals mixed in. But, I'm not going to let that bring him down, his show rocked and I'm giving Vince Neil TWO THUMBS UP! It was close, and I'm tempted not to, but the power of the show, combined with the throat ailment, kept him on top.

Opening the show was a local band called Sphynx. A metal band, they surprised me. The lyrics were clear, showing a surprisingly polished songwriting ability, the lead singer spit his gum into the crowd, and they played well to some of their own fans. The band sorta reminded me of Candlebox, but with a slightly heavier edge. I'll give them ONE THUMB UP!! They just didn't quite get the Vince Neil crowd going, but I was impressed at their musical ability.

And that wraps it up for this edition. Party Smart, and as always, Rellim Reeb, Rellim Reeb!!

The Dude on the Left
Happy New Year everybody. I hope you've all recovered from those New Year's hang-overs, I'm still not sure if I have yet, but as Jimmy Buffet would say, it's my own damn fault. Sometime during the drunken blur that was my Christmas vacation, we saw Vince Neil.

Yep Motley Crue, 80's wuss metal, that Vince Neil. The show was postponed once to let Vince rest his aching vocal cords, and you could just tell they were still bothering him. His screams just weren't as solid, and he had to leave the stage several times during the guitar jams, to down a box of throat lozingers(sp.) no doubt, but he went out and rocked just the same. He did a cool mix of older Crue tunes like Red Hot, some newer Dr. Feelgood stuff as well as some originals. His band sounded good, and at times they could make you forget it wasn't a Crue show. About the only thing missing was the big stage show with the drum set floating out over the crowd, and all the other smoke and mirrors. That was the great thing about this show, it proved that the music was cool enough to be the show. I particularly liked the Girls, Girls, Girls into Same Ol' Situation. Two very cool Go-Go bar songs, so I'm told.

I give Vince Neil one thumb up, I hate to admit it, but I was a big Crue head in the early 80's and the show kind of took me back in time. Until next time Hang Loose and Peace Out!


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