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Motley Crue
with Megadeath
A Concert Review
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August 20, 2000

The New World
Music Theatre

Tinley Park, IL

A Review by The Wimp
Photos by
The Dude on the Right
Oh well, it was as DOTR and I were talking that I realized I hadnít seen Motley Crue since 1984 during the Shout at the Devil tour. I had tickets on a few more recent occasions, but had to cancel for one reason or another. Scary.

Anyway, enough intro stuff. Megadeth kicked off the evening with some of their newer material. I am not too familiar with it, but it was interesting. Surprisingly there wasnít a whole lot of energy coming from the band and the crowd wasnít that into it either. But as it got darker, the band got louderÖand better. The crowd really started head-banging when Megadeth played their classics, "Peace Sells but Whoís Buying," "Symphony of Destruction," "Trust," and "Sweating Bullets." Lead singer, Dave Mustaine, had about a dozen guitars, and he still can wail. Simply put - Megadeth rocks. Sorry Metallica fans, Megadeth has never sold out and their new stuff stands much taller as classic heavy metal. I give them TWO THUMBS "of mutually assured destruction" UP.

Not long after Megadeth left everyone with ringing ears it was time for Motley Crue. DOTR bolted to go take his pictures for the first three songs so I was left alone. The stage looked like an L.A. back-alley with neon "Nudes" signs, garbage cans, and the like. The stage also had the obligatory elevated loop around it, giving the Crue room to roam, while also highlighting their "Gentlemenís Club" dancers. The show kicked off with "Kickstart My Heart," "Same Olí Situation" (with some massive pyrotechnics), and "Primal Scream," and it was during S.O.S. that I almost killed Skippy and his two 15 year old, suburban, rebel friends.

I must give kudosí to the usher for spotting the trouble and escorting these fine young vermin away. Anyway, the Crue then played a new song called "Punched in the Teeth By Love" which wasnít bad but it just didnít stand up to their classics. After pulling out a real oldie, "Knock Ďem Dead,." the Crue then continued with the chick favorite "Home Sweet Home," the crowd favorite "Donít Go Away Mad," and into "Piece of Your Action."

Now, I couldnít help but notice that lead singer Vince Neil either kept forgetting lyrics or was losing his breath. Donít get me wrong, I donít fault the guy as he has been rocking for 20 years, but itís just an observation. Nikki Sixx was as entertaining as I remembered him over fifteen years ago, and I still think Mick Mars is one of the most under-rated guitarists in ĎMetalí history. This show also featured a special guest drummer, Samantha Maloney, from Hole. She definitely held her own (Tommy who?), and seemed to enjoy the Crueís racy antics as much as anyone as told in a story about the band at Crazy Horse II. What I would have given to have seen that!

Anyway, beginning to wrap things up, the Crue kept on jamming and the crowd kept on singing to songs like "Wild Side" and "Looks that Kill." They also hit some other new songs, namely "Treat Me Like the Dog That I Am" and "Hell on High Heels," and, well, for me the new stuff just isnít as catchy. But not to worry, the Crue finished the first set with huge hits, "Helter Skelter" and "Girls, Girls, Girls."

Like I said before, the crowd listened more than jammed. The band gave everyone what they wanted to hear and threw in enough new stuff to keep fans interested. The finale featured "Shout at the Devil" complete with pyrotechnics and huge flames and it was a great way to wrap up the show. In the end I give Motley Crue TWO "ASS-KICKINí" THUMBS UP! Keep on rockiní Crue Ė I promise it wonít take me 16 years to see you again.

I am the Wimp and thatís all for now.


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