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Ted Nugent
A Concert Review

August 4, 1994

Poplar Creek
Music Theatre

Hoffman Estates, IL

A Review by
The Dude on the Left &
The Dude on the Right
Photos by
The Dude on the Right
Archive Photo
The Dude on the Right
Terrible Ted. He was anything but. He rocked, he rolled, he kicked ass. Here's a man who if you ask most people to name a Nugent album, some, if any, can name "Double Live Gonzo." What they don't know is the guitar talent this man has. Truly amazing was what I have to say about his show. From the opening chords and guitar solo, to his tell-tale "Great White Buffalo" to his final shooting of a burning arrow, Nugent had the crowd in every clutch of his hand everytime he smiled and sneered. Proclaiming his love for America, his love for hunting, and his love for rock and roll, Ted Nugent could be the spokesman for good clean living if only anyone could hear after his concert's over. All over the stage, from front to back, Ted Nugent rocked the opening of a double bill (keep reading), and left a truly hard act to follow.

So, what do you think, a couple of thumbs up? Well, you got it, Terrible Ted gets TWO THUMBS UP and I can't wait to see him on his tour by his lonesome for more.

Archive Photo
The Dude on the Left
What can I say about Nugent? He just kicked some major league ass that nite. With every tune he played, the crowd got more and more in to it. Nugent gets my vote for best guitarist of the summer. He just wailed the whole concert on his "hand crafted, American made guitar from Michigan." Hell, he even said at one point that you couldn't do this on anything but an American guitar. Well, he didn't say it exactly that way but I don't need to stir up any trouble in this the Orientation Issue of Tech News. All in all, I would say that about half of the people at this show came to see Nugent and not that other band that came on after him. So I give Nugent TWO THUMBS UP! And if I had a third he would sure get that one also cuz he just flat out rocked the nite.


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