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Ted Nugent &
Bad Company

A Concert Review

ur Love," and the self-titled tune Bad Company. They were great, supposedly have a new album coming out, and might even make it to the next century if they stay as polished as they were. The Bad boyz get TWO THUMBS UP as well!!!

And that wraps up the beginning of what is shaping up to be a very busy summer. Some big bands are coming, and some small bands are coming, and we'll do our best to be there for as many of them as possible.

Yep, that's all for me today. You know the ending - Party Smart, and as always, Rellim Reeb, Rellim Reeb!!!!


May 20, 1995

The New World
Music Theatre

Tinley Park, IL

A Review by
The Dude on the Left &
The Dude on the Right
Photos by
The Dude on the Right
Archive Photo
Ted Nugent
The Dude on the Left
Howdy Ho everyone. It feels like it has been ages since I have gotten to sit down and write an article with my partner, but I guess being out of school will do that. But with Bog nights gone, at least for the summer months, we have figured out ways to keep ourselves busy. Yepper you guessed it, we are back out on the summer tour. And this year's summer tour starts out nice and crazy and loud. "Terrible" Teddy Nugent came to the World Music Theatre.

Now, as many of you may well know, The World is not my most favorite place to see a show. As a matter of fact, I think that it might be my least favorite. But supposedly this was the "New" World Music Theatre, so I was at least interested to see what had changed. And upon further investigation, I found that there was only a few changes. And the one that was supposed to be the most important, the addition of acoustic padding, was only but part complete...

But enough of that, Ted had an old friend of his, well at least a previous touring partner from the times when he was with Damn Yankees, with him and them being Bad Company, and they opened for Nugent. They did pretty well for themselves, and promoting a new album didn't really hurt them either. It was refreshing to be able to see some new material as opposed to getting the same ole greatest hits concert that I have witnessed them play on occasions before. As a matter of fact, I think that is my newest pet peeve, catching a show that I could have been better suited just sitting at home and listening to my CD. But alas I stray again.

Bad Company didn't do anything really spectacular but put on a pretty entertaining show none the less. So I am gonna give them ONE THUMB UP! That gives a total of THREE THUMBS UP for Bad Company (in case you couldn't count)!
Archive Photo
Bad Company

Next up was what everyone was waiting for. That wild and crazy guy Ted Nugent. And he didn't disappoint, or at least not in my opinion. He did some of the oldies, Cat Scratch Fever, Wang Dang Sweet Puntang, and Great White Buffalo. And mixed in with all the songs he played were some incredible displays of guitar work. I am always glad to be able to see someone that has totally mastered his instrument and can bring out things from that hunk of wood and strings that you would never see at any other concert. Nugent is up there as far as guitar favorites of mine, among people like Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Steve Vai. You just can't get much better than that. And yes, I know that I am leaving off numerous others that are greats with guitars, but if I tried to list them all, my article would be pages upon pages long.

So, to try to wrap this up, I want to say that I am sure that Nugent pushed the envelope of what the surrounding area of the World could take for music levels and I am sure that those big babies are gonna cry about it the rest of the summer, but hey, it was one hell of a way to kick off the season at "The New World Theatre"! So I give Ted Nugent TWO WHOOPING BIG THUMBS UP! I don't regret forgetting my earplugs. And yes, for all you math majors out there, Ted Nugent kicked off the summer season with a grand total of FOUR THUMBS UP!!!!

Until next show......


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