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Steve Perry
- October. 30, 1994

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A Concert Review

June 4, 1999

The New World
Music Theatre

Tinley Park, IL

A Review and Photos by
The Dude on the Right
A Review in Sections:
So Much For An Easy/Short Review
Hope Springs Anew
My Kingdom For a Hip
But He's No Steve Perry…, Oh, Wait, He Is, Sort-of…
I Still Remember All of the Words
Time To Go

So Much For An Easy/Short Review:
I already had this review written. It was supposed to be simple, something like, "Well, I went to see Journey, sans Steve Perry, with Steve Augeri in his place, and, well, Augeri's no Perry, and that's too bad." But no, Steve Augeri did a great job, impressed me even by the end of the show, and now my simple review has turned way complicated. So, with that, let's start at my beginning of excitement of Journey coming back, disappointment of hearing Steve Perry wouldn't be making the tour, and ending up liking the line-up on stage, but… The but to be explained by the end.

Hope Springs Anew:
I was a huge Journey fan as they peaked during my formative teen years. I had most of their albums, knew every song, loved their videos, but never got to see them live. That was the bummer. The closest I got to seeing them live was Steve Perry on a solo tour back in '94, and it was very cool, but it was still solo. Then the rumors started flying - a new Journey album. Steve Perry, Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, Ross Valory, and Steve Smith, together again, a tour would follow because it had to, and my high school dream of seeing Journey in concert would be complete. I could bust out my old "Frontiers" baseball jersey, even if it was a few sizes shrunk by then, and sing to every song I still remembered. Then the single was released, "When You Love a Woman." Classic Journey, a ballad, the radio play starts, here comes the CD, the tour rumors hit a fever pitch, and then…

My Kingdom For a Hip:
The internet rumors started flying and the CD hype slowed - "Steve Perry blew out his hip while mountain climbing" seemed to be the ongoing thread, the tour plans were put on hold, and the escalating rumors of a giant, Journey, reunion tour came crumbling down. One newsgroup would say this, another would say that, and the hype was nearly dead, until finally it was announced that, yes, Perry and Smith had left the band and Cain and Schon decided to find a new singer and new drummer, and thus the birth of the current Journey line-up was announced. Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, Ross Valory, Dean Castranova, and Steve Augeri. They would tour, they would work to put a new CD together, and Journey was re-born again.

But He's No Steve Perry…, Oh, Wait, He Is, Sort-of…
dette stage left prompting me to write in my notes that she is just what I was hoping I would see at a Journey concert (except she's not standing next to me and was with some dude and after a better look seemed a little young so I better get my mind out of the gutter, but, I digress), another Neal Schon solo prompts notes of how I forgot just how great a guitar player he is, a new song, and then I was hit with some revelations: Hey, it looks like Steve Augeri is actually getting into the show; Hey, Steve Augeri really needs to have his own hit song with the band, and I don't think it will be this one, or else he will always just be the guy who replaced Steve Perry.


Yes, this was the time that I found Steve Augeri began to be the front-man he needed to be to begin to make Journey his own. Finally, away from the protection of his microphone stand, Steve started working the stage, started smiling more at the ladies checking him out, and started smiling like he was having fun rather than the smile hinted with "I hope they like me." And with that the show became just a little bit more fun, even for me, a dude, not checking Steve out. But, and this is where I explain that "but…" in the first paragraph, then I thought, especially as they started the new song off of their upcoming new CD, Steve Augeri needs a hit with Journey.
He can sound like himself all he wants (sounding so much like Steve Perry I think actually hurts him a little in the identification side), he can develop great stage presence, but to many of those who grew up on Journey, until he has that hit he'll always just be the dude who replaced Steve Perry. And that's kind of too bad, at least right now, because he can sing, he can command a stage once he gets into the show, but most people right now will have the attitude of "I'm not going to see Journey without Steve Perry. It won't be the same." I hope he can get those couple of songs to call his own to bring those fickle fans, like I was, to the show.

Time To Go:
So, this review turned out a hell of a lot longer than I had planned, and I apologize, but somehow I needed to say all of that. Journey with the current line-up still can blast out a song with the best of them, and in seeing them your flashbacks to what was happening when you first heard "Wheel in the Sky" will come rushing back, you'll probably think of the dude or dudette you danced with during "Faithfully," and will probably say that Steve Augeri isn't that bad, he's pretty good even. With that it's TWO "Steve's pretty good" THUMBS UP!!

That's it for this one, I'm The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!


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