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A Concert Review

October 31, 1996

The Riviera

Chicago, IL

A Review by
The Dude on the Left
Photos by Big Cooter
What can you say about GWAR? I guess, in a nutshell, they are kinda like KISS on acid. First off it is not for the squeamish or the easily offended. I kind of lost count but I think the final body count was about 12, with various mutants, aliens, and assorted other giant latex creatures being dismembered with various implements to the beat of some surprisingly good heavy metal music. All of the kills are accompanied by a spray of blood into the crowd, and by the end of the night you could tell who had spent the most time in the mosh pit - they were the ones whose clothes were covered with the red blood making white shirts a nice pink color.

A GWAR show revolves around a five bout wrestling match for the "Frank Sinatra Belts of World Domination", which of course, GWAR holds. Each of the five bouts features two members of GWAR versus another two other creatures. The whole thing is emcee'd by Sleazy P. Martini, a sleazy looking lounge singer who even does a couple numbers during the show. GWAR's opponents included the likes of Chernobyl Cockroaches, the Destroyers( two cyborgs) and a priest who received a rectal exam from Oderous. At one point during the show Sleazy has a close encounter with some little green men. It ends with him cutting their heads off, and of course spraying the eager crowd with alien blood. The show ends with the sacrifice of women to a giant worm.

GWAR's "history" goes something like this. They are aliens who were imprisoned on earth millions of years ago. They kill off the dinosaurs and started the human race by having sex with apes. They were entombed in Antarctica after destroying Atlantis, until Sleazy P. Martini found them and turned them into rock stars.

Oderous Urungus Beefcake the Mighty A Contender

Oderous Urungus

Beefcake the Mighty

A Contender!

The members of GWAR are:

Beefcake the Mighty:- bass
Balsac:- guitar
Oderous Urungus: - singer
Flattus Maximus: - guitar
Jizmak da Gusha: - drums
Slymenstra Hymen: - runs around in bikini
Sexecutioner: - just kinda wanders around

Oderous Urungus Another Contender!
Beefcake the Mighty

All I have to say is these guys rocked. I came for the show and I'll come back for the music. I even think I'll have to go pick up a CD with "Crush, Kill, Destroy" on it. I was kind of expecting bad, unintelligible metal, but it was really good metal. The sound was also mixed well and not cranked up too loud; I even took out my ear plugs after about two songs. To quote a couple of my music reviewing idols, Beavis and Butthead "These guys kick ass!". Needless to say, GWAR get TWO THUMBS UP from me. 'Till next time, Hang Loose.

Oh yea, opening for GWAR was Babes in Toyland. I think everyone enjoyed Babes in Toyland, even though the crowd was chanting "GWAR" during a majority of their 45 minute set. These chicks really know how to rock. They are a classic three piece band with a great guitar/singer player, even though she has a habit of spitting while she's playing. Oh well. See ya next time!


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