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- November 3, 1996

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Gravity Kills
A Concert Review

May 22, 1996

The Metro

Chicago, IL

A Review and Photos by
The Dude on the Right
There I was, flying solo because Big Cooter came up ill from what he called a "bad burger." I personally call itGravity Kills Photo 1 "Day After the Bulls Game" syndrome, but in any case, I was stuck alone to see Gravity Kills.

First off, I would like to thank L.D., one of our Entertainment Ave! subscribers, for suggesting we see Gravity Kills the next time they make it around Chicago. I probably wouldn't have even given this band a second thought, although they are starting to get a little radio air-play. But, she said if I liked KMFDM, I would definetly like Gravity Kills, and she was right.

Gravity Kills is industrial music, pure and simple, and after a long cult following, they have been signed to TVT records, known for releasing some of the better of the industrial nation. They made their way to The Metro in Chicago for a sold-out show, and rightly so.

Gravity Kills Photo 2With some cool alien-type drawings, and a keyboard stand, that, as the guy next to me put it, looks like it was straight out of Terminator 2, this band is awesome. From the opening, the mosh pit started instantly, and for the next 45 minutes, didn't stop. With songs like "Guilty," "Divide," "Here," "Inside," and others, (if the song titles are wrong - I apologize, it's the first time I've heard these guys, and have only heard one song on the radio, and haven't heard their CD yet, and hope to get a copy soon so I can review it, and really like them, and I'll shut up now), this band exuded enough energy to seem like a couple of hour show. I think I have figured out the cure to my seemingly endless attempt at weight loss - become a singer in an industrial band and put out as much energy as these guys. I'll be thin in no time, and have a lot of fun to go with it.

Gravity Kills only has one album and, well, about Gravity Kills Photo 345 minutes worth of songs, so that is all they played. Normally, I would crucify a band for such a short set, but for 45 minutes it was one of the most intense 45 minutes of industrial music I have seen, and more importantly, the crowd didn't seem to care. Gravity Kills gets TWO HUGE THUMBS UP from me, and if you like industrial music, get your butt to go see them.

Opening for Gravity Kills was a band called Love in Reverse. I kinda liked them, but the crowd just didn't seem to connect with the band. They weren't really your industrial-type music, I guess I would compare the a little closer to Live. Their music is full of tempo changes, and seem talented enough, and I think can make it if they can get that break-through single. But, unfortunately, I didn't hear it this night. Pretty talented, but the crowd didn't really seem interested, so, I have to give them a Shrug. I would like to see them with a crowd of their fans because I think they would put on a better show.

And that's it for this time, L8R.


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