When in Rome

I can usually like a romantic comedy, heck, I can even usually like a movie with "magic forces at work", but during my review of the Blu-ray release of "When in Rome," you’ll find out that event he cuteness of Kristen Bell, nor the acting ability of Danny De Vito, couldn’t help. There are a lot better romantic comedies out there, heck, even some you’ve probably already seen before, and maybe a tween might like this, but neither my BFF, nor myself, could find much to like about this one.

Secure Your Domain, Movies All Over the Place, 3-D Sucks Except for Maybe Toy Story,Frontierville, and Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon!

By: The Dude on the Right

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Was “Prince of Persia” any good? Should you rent “When in Rome?” Why am I sort of watching “Burn Notice?” Well, you will find out the answers to all of these questions, and more, during this episode of the “Weekend Wrap-Up!” podcast!

As the podcast starts, though, my weekend was lazing, at least Sunday, and I reminisce with Stu Gotz about the first album I ever bought, Queen’s “Night at the Opera,” while he actually reels me in to a bad joke about Oprah that he heard while officiating the nuptuals of a couple in love. We do discuss TV, because it’s what we do, and Stu finally caught up on the MTV Movie Awards and realizes he’s old, while I was half-interested in “Burn Notice,” although sadly Zynga’s latest game for Facebook, Frontierville, has caught my attention. There is an abundance of movie-talk, also, with my early Blu-ray review of “When In Rome,” Stu went into a theater for “Prince of Persia,” he watched a Netflix movie I had but never watched called “500 Days of Summer,” and Stu is not excited about 3-D movies, anymore, except maybe the upcoming “Toy Story 3.”

Stu wonders when I’m getting a new iPhone, I’m wondering why weddings cost so much, Stu recommends a tuxedo place, and there’s a good lesson as to why you should secure your domain name for as long as possible, especially when the police are involved.

How do we fit so much into 20 minutes of podcasting? No commercials! Actually, I don’t know how, but we do, so sit back, have a listen, and feel free to weigh in with what you think!

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