Will you be watching “The Bachelor” finale?

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, but I’m a fan of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” series on ABC. There’s just something about the wacky concept of meeting your soul-mate over a TV show, being transported to various romantic locals and falling in love, and then coming back to your normal life and realizing “Why can’t we go to Thailand for a romantic getaway?” “Because we don’t have any money.” “Oh yea. Who are you anyway?”

This season they brought back Sean, whom I still don’t remember that well from his Bachelorette days, and if your name was a version of Ashley (there was an Ashley P., and Ashley H., and an AshLee F.) or a Leslie (or Lesley), you had a pretty good chance of being on the show. As of now there is only Catherine and Lindsay remaining, and my money is on Lindsay as Catherine seems to be the one he kept around for fun on his way to true, found on a TV show love. Of course, in true Bachelor fashion, there is something heart-wrenching going on as we see Sean get a letter from Chris Harrison on the final rose stop in the previews for the finale Monday night, but like all, except for Sean, Chris Harrison, and a bunch of other people sworn to secrecy, we’ll have to wait for the way-too-long finale show, full of thoughtful gazes by our contestants, out into the horizon, wondering if true love for them will be found on a TV show. And yes, I’ll be watching Monday, but I’m also plighting: Will you be watching “The Bachelor” finale?

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Will Sean Lowe Make a Good Bachelor on “The Bachelor?”

Somehow, someway, I keep finding myself getting sucked into “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” and I’m still not sure why. Hell, I even found myself watching “Bachelor Pad” this summer and loved when the dude stiffed the girl and kept the prize money for himself. Notice how I can’t remember any of their names? Well, the other day it was announced that Sean Lowe was going to be the next contestant looking for true love on “The Bachelor,” and my first word was “Who?” Yup, once again a past loser on the bachelorette show becomes the lead contestant on the bachelor show, and it’s quickly becoming clear that if you want to be the bachelor or the bachelorette, you need to be one of the losers as a tryout on the opposite show.

Turns out Sean was one of the losers of Emily’s affection, she who opted for Jef Holm and also has to keep squashing stories of their love not going to last, so of course Sean is the likely choice to find a woman and fall into a summer of “Sean and Ms. Thang are breaking up!” headlines.

I can say I won’t watch the season when it kicks back into gear in January of 2013, but somehow it will find it’s way to my DVR, and within two episodes I’ll be sucked in, waiting for the next meltdown of some lady who thinks she can find love on TV (or is just hoping to be the next bachelorette thus keeping her dreams of reality show TV stardom alive for another season), and although I don’t really care because I’ll be watching it for the nut-job ladies, I do plight: Will Sean Lowe make a good bachelor on “The Bachelor?”

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Reviews of Movies You’ve Seen, I’m Watching The Bachelorette, No Dr. Who, and Happy Birthday Jacques Cousteau!

By: The Dude on the Right

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I finally saw “Iron Man 2,” and Stu Gotz finally saw “Iron Man 2,” so a month after it came out, during this episode of our “Weekend Wrap-Up!” podcast, we tell you if you liked it when you already saw it. Me, I also saw “The Blind Side” and let Stu know if he should catch it, while Stu at least also saw something current, namely “Shrek Forever After” and comments on how it stacks up in the “Shrek” series.

There is also TV on our podcast menu as Stu is confused about why there didn’t seem to be a new “Dr. Who” episode (any help is appreciated as Stu is too lazy to actually find out), I was one of the few people watching “The Bachelorette” instead of the Chicago Blackhawks going for The Stanley Cup, and now that “American Idol” is pretty much done forever, especially with the failed Ellen experiment and Simon Cowell leaving, I’m looking forward to “America’s Got Talent” this summer.

Stu saw cars crash at a demolition derby, I got creeped out by people with germs, Stu says you can get a free movie rental from Redbox, and I give my tribute to John Denver and Jacques Cousteau all in one (Jacques would be 100 years old this month, and John, well, he’d be something like 66, but they’re both still dead)! Aye, Calypso!

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