Academy Award Talk, Bambi, A Nice Nap, and The Space Shuttle Discovery Takes Off!

By: The Dude on the Right

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Stu Gotz finally got the family to Florida to see Space Shuttle Discovery take off, and during this “Weekend Wrap-Up!” podcast, he gives some space shuttle facts for all to enjoy. What I didn’t enjoy, Stu found acceptable, and Mama Gotz found that it was more fun to watch “Minute to Win It” instead, was The Oscars, and as the various Academy Awards were given out, I tell Stu that the Twitterverse was much more exciting and funny than the actual broadcast.

On the movie front, while not my official review of “Bambi” which is out on Blu-ray on March 1st, we discuss “Bambi” and how it reflects how times have changed and how kids are probably growing up faster than us old-farts did. We also discuss, a bit, how movie-making has changed, with Stu bringing up the “True Grit” remake versus the original John Wayne version, and how he was happy “Megamind” was out on video.

I took a nap, my BFF made tuna noodle casserole, I’m sick of the crappy weather, but we don’t talk about Charlie Sheen, which seems oddly weird for us.

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