An S&M Sunday, Port-O-Potties, Dr. Who is Who, and Being Super Macho

By: The Dude on the Right

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Although a lot of Chicago ended up flooded, happily myself and Stu Gotz detail, during our “Weekend Wrap-Up!” podcast, our survival tips, or rather our “We were just lucky” tips, of the Chicago flood of 2010. Stu fought the flooding by braving the elements during a camping trip, while I fought them with being oblivious, and although no worse for wear, Stu does have some issues with his air conditioning which hopefully are getting repaired as we speak.

Rain didn’t seem to dampen either of our weekends as Stu continued his investigative reporting of how to have fun with your kids at a demolition derby, and in tonight’s episode we find out about taking your Little Gotz into a port-a-potty, and how it might be the woman’s fault for the mess. Me, as the big day draws closer, a lot of me is about getting married, and finding wedding bands took precedence this weekend, and chatting with our priest for the wedding.

Stu went diving, I did mopping; Stu thinks Dr. Who is Doctress Who, and I think some dude in this summer’s Big Brother is a genius. And, well, neither of us has still seen “Inception,” and neither of us will being trying “Super Macho,” with all of its bull semen supposed goodness.

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