Allergies Abound, Sucked in at Sam’s Club, and a Smart, or maybe just big, Ass.

By: The Dude on the Right

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I got sucked into the sample folks at Sam’s Club, and during this podcast episode of our "Weekend Wrap-Up!", I tell Stu Gotz what me and the BFF came home with (it was yummy, and oversized)! Me, for the most part, had a non-eventful weekend, although I treated my BFF to a viewing of "Hot Tub Time Machine," and I let Stu know if he missed anything during last night’s Emmy Awards (How cool would it have been if they could have gotten Bruce Springsteen to show up?).

Stu, meanwhile, found out that he has a smart ass, or at least a big ass, and that story has nothing to do with the kicking shoes around at a Tae Kwon Do tournament. A lot of Stu’s weekend had to do with allergies, with his kicking his ass (I sense a theme), him wondering about the proliferation of allergies and kids, and him sounding a little disappointed in Mama Gotz who decided she wanted to bring nuts to a picnic where a lot of kids would be.

Stu is still stuck on Doctor Who and he saw "Casino Royale," I don’t think my BFF and I will be having a honeymoon under the sea, and I eagerly await Apple’s next media event on Wednesday where the rumors say they will announce a batch of new iPods and a new version of iLife, but we’ll find out later about that, and hey, I don’t really talk about it during the podcast, but I’m still always excited about an Apple event.

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