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I really wanted to like "Pirate Radio" more than I did, so during my Blu-ray review of the movie I try to disect it. Okay, I really don’t, mostly I just give a synopsis of the movie and a brief idea of what to expect on the Blu-ray. Mostly I think I didn’t like it that much because the humor was more along the intellectual, dry kind, and when I was watching the movie I wasn’t in the "thinking mode." Check out the review anyway, it might give you some insight if you might like the movie.

Vegas, Easter, Cubs, Movies, and Treasure Isle is Evil!

By: The Dude on the Right

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After a one week hiatus, Stu Gotz and I are back for our “Weekend Wrap-Up!” podcast. Yup, Stu needed some time away for Easter, and nothing says Easter like taking the Gotz kids to Las Vegas. Me, I just needed a break while I finished up some iPhone app stuff. So we’re back, and Stu was pleased at the version of “Viva Las Vegas” that I found, by the one and only Pirahna Man who used to be heard when Jonathan Brandmeier was on the air here in Chicago. But the podcast isn’t all fun and games. Well, actually it’s mostly fun and games, and also my quick review of “Pirate Radio” that comes out on DVD in prep for my full review later. Stu finally got to see “Up In The Air,” the George Clooney movie, and I watched golf for a change, and it wasn’t just because of Tiger Woods.

And speaking of TV, I tell Stu if “Celebrity Apprentice” is getting any good, Stu was pleased to find that he can now stream Netflix via his Wii, and Stu’s latest TV recommendation is “Supernatural.

Stu tells about a concert coming to the Chicago area, I let Stu know that the latest Zynga Facebook game, “Treasure Isle” is evil because it mixes elements of Farmville and Mafia Wars, and Stu is upset because the school his kids go to seem to be White Sox fans. All of that an more after our hiatus, and it’s good to be back!

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