No One is Sleeping With the Fishes, Neil Diamond is A Good Time, Blockbuster is Moving, Moneyball is Great, and a Pine Wood Derby Wind Tunnel!

By: The Dude on the Right

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What better way to start a podcast after surviving a winter storm than with some old Neil Diamond, and at the start of this week’s episode of the “Weekend Wrap-Up!”, there is confusion as to whether or not I hit the post. Whether I did or not, that’s okay, because in addition to our confusion and recollection of some Neil concert memories, of a more confusing nature, it turns out, is what date is the actual anniversary of Stu and Mama Gotz, and on this we don’t come to a resolution.

We did, though, as I mentioned, survive a winter storm, and Stu luckily didn’t have to worry about sleeping with the fishes, instead there was a problem with Frosty in this video shot by Little Gotz. We also discovered that Blockbuster is moving, and that I still suck at the new words in church.

Stu saw “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” and liked it, I let you know if “Moneyball” is any good, Stu can’t recommend “The Darkest Hour” even though I thought he meant “The Devil Inside,” and yes, it’s true, a 2mm screw will not fit inside a 1mm nut.

Lastly, it’s Pine Wood Derby time and Stu has his method for his kids achieving greatness, though I feel a wind tunnel might be more appropriate.

Thanks for listening!

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!