Have You Watched Jimmy Fallon Since He Took Over for Jay Leno?

Have you watched Jimmy Fallon since he took over for Jay Leno?

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Now that the Olympics have been over for a while, and the hubbub of his replacing Jay Leno is dying down, the Jimmy Fallon publicity machine now really needs to work it. The latest bit – thanks to some prodding from Rahm Emmanuel, Mayor of Chicago, was a dip in 32 degree Lake Michigan for the annual Polar Plunge, a fundraiser for Chicago Special Olympics. Happily for most, but probably not for some, they both survived, with Jimmy wearing a nice suit for his dip in the lake. The story made the Drudge Report, hit all of the news wires, and if Jimmy Kimmel thought picking up the Mayor of Toronto at the airport would get him tons of publicity, sadly Russia invading the Ukraine and an event that involved what was probably a lot of shrinkage pretty much assured a win for Fallon in this round.

But, will it result in people watching?

As great as all of the publicity is for Jimmy Fallon, and there’s a good change you’ll see coverage of it on your local news, especially if you are watching an NBC station, I don’t think it will make more people watch The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. In fact, and I know I haven’t, but I wonder: Have you watched Jimmy Fallon since he took over for Jay Leno?

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Do You Think the Jimmy Kimmel / Kanye West Twitter Fight was Fake?

It wasn’t but a few weeks ago that Jimmy Kimmel made news by it being discovered he was the perpetrator of the “Twerking FAIL” video where a girl catches on fire in her room when she is twerking against her door. Then, the other day, Jimmy Kimmel hits the news again for a “Twitter War” with Kanye West, started seemingly when Kanye was upset with Jimmy’s spoofing of an interview Kanye had with the BBC. In his spoof Jimmy used little kids in the places of Kanye and the interview dude, complete with milkshakes. Suddenly Kanye tweets his displeasure with him and how Sarah Silverman is funnier than Jimmy, much to the pleasure of Kimmel who was now able to use this for more witty banter on his show.

Lost in the Twitter war is a tweet by Phil Rosenthal of the Chicago Tribune pointing out that there was a new, latenight boss at ABC, who just so happened to be the same guy who “shepherded the Kardashians at E!,” and in case you’ve been living under a rock, Kanye West happens to be involved with one of those Kardashian girls. In case you don’t know his writing, Phil Rosenthal is now doing business reporting for the Tribune, but those of us in Chicago remember him also as the head TV critic dude when he was over at the Sun Times (I do miss his TV analysis), and still seems to know quite a bit about the TV industry, so when Phil throws out a hint of “Hmmm? This seems oddly coincidental?” tweet, I’m pretty much on board with Phil.

The more I analyzed the Kanye tweets, and Kimmel’s response, the more I’m trusting Phil as it appears another likely Jimmy Kimmel ┬ámedia manipulation seems to be at play.

I’m with Phil calling this a bogus “Twitter War,” although it’s still kind of funny, but with that I plight: Do you think the Jimmy Kimmel / Kanye West twitter fight was fake?

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