Academy Award Talk, We Saw Alice in Wonderland, a Lazy Sunday, and Ghost Ships in Milwaukee!

By: The Dude on the Right

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I’m tired, and during our "Weekend Wrap-Up!" podcast I tell Stu Gotz that I’m blaming the Academy Awards. Yup, the both of us watched pretty much all of the Oscar telecast, and we pretty much agreed on a lot of things, including who won some of the awards and that there was some wacked-out dudette who now has perpetuated the term "Kanye Moment" when she tried to upstage the dude who was giving the speech when Best short something-or-other won an award. So, yes, our podcast has tons of commentary about the Academy Awards telecast, and we even discuss some fashion!

It was a nice weekend for me, especially Sunday when I accomplished absolutely nothing, and Stu had a nice weekend as well, giving a talk up in Milwaukee, WI, for the Ghost Ships Festival. We both were able to see "Alice in Wonderland" and disagree about the use of 3-D in the movie but not about the movie itself, Stu wants everyone to watch Academy Award winning documentary "The Cove," and I’m looking forward to maybe catching "She’s Out of My League" next weekend while Stu doesn’t even seem to know what it is.

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