Has a Music Video Ever Ruined a Song for You?

This plight makes me admit a few things I don’t know if I really want to out here on the internet. First off I’m a fan of girl pop music. Yes, I’ve been a Deborah Gibson fan back when she was Debbie, like me some Avril Lavigne, and yes, you can catch me singing some Miley Cyrus every now and then. Miley Cyrus’ latest “in the spotlight” escapades aside, I’m usually able to separate the crazy from the music, and for whatever reason I’ve been liking her song “Wrecking Ball” that has been hitting the airwaves, not to be confused with the Bruce Springsteen anthem, “Wrecking Ball.” The Miley song is catchy, in that girl pop kind of way, and then there was talk about the video, how Miley gets naked, and this, that, and the other thing. Not really caring that much, and with MTV not airing videos anymore, I didn’t really try to search it out.

Then the other morning I was up early, popped the Vevo (The go-to place for music videos now) on, and decided I would catch up with some music video watching while I was doing some writing. There on the menu was the Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” video. Deciding I should see what all of the hubbub was about I decided to watch it, and I have to say I don’t know if I can listen to the song anymore as I think the video ruined the song for me.

Sure, Miley was in her short hair (which I don’t like), in underwear, and sometimes naked, in a video with a wrecking ball and a sledge hammer, and she’s slithering around, which is fine. Then she starts that creepy “tongue sticking out” thing that had grossed everyone out when she was on the VMA’s, and this weird sneer thing is going on as well. I know I’m an older dude now, and maybe I’m slowly losing touch with the youngins, but the entire video just creeped me out, and her prancing around in her underwear just didn’t come off sexy at all. That and the fact that it’s just a crappy music video for a song that actually had some potential to make a decent music video.

The bummer part now is that whenever the song comes on the radio all I’m going to think of is Miley, with that tongue, licking the wrecking ball. Sure, she needs to grow up and out of her Hannah Montana persona, but hopefully she’ll get over this phase quickly, or stop making videos, or else I’m going to have to turn to radio station so the image doesn’t make me want to throw up a little bit in my mouth. I’m also worried that she has the potential to now ruin Saturday Night Live for me, as she’s hosting and singing, and if there is a lot of tongue wagging I have a feeling I won’t be able to watch. Miley, please stop with the tongue!

With the song “Wrecking Ball” now ruined by a slithering Miley and her tongue (an hopefully not Saturday Night Live this weekend), I’m plighting: Has a music video ever ruined a song for you?

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The River

Artist: Bruce Springsteen
Listenability Scale: 100%
Released by: Columbia Records
A Review by:
The Dude on the Right

I was so pleasantly surprised when this CD set came in the CD project rotation. Why? Well, like I’ve said many a time in these reviews, sometimes having the computer jukebox isn’t a great thing because you can go for years without hearing that one song that you love. And this song has many.

From the classic sing-a-long “Sherry Darling” to the epic story “The River”, most Springsteen fans will agree that this collection is a must have. You get every nuance of Springsteen, from his frolicking songs like a “Ramrod” to his relationship works like an “I Wanna Marry You.” You get the upbeat “Out in the Street” to the brooding “Wreck on the Highway.” I could go on and on about this double CD set, but if you ever want to hear something that spans all of Bruce’s musical stylings, this one pretty much sums it up. It’s simply a 100% on the Entertainment Ave! listenability scale for “The River.”

Grammy Talk, Nicolas Cage’s Clone, The Big Year, Contagion, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

By: The Dude on the Right

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It was “The Big Year” at The Grammy’s for Adele, where luckily there was no “Contagion” to ruin the likes of Bruce Springsteen, and an all-star guitar jam was just “In Time” to bring life to a show exorcised by Nicki Minaj. Nicolas Cage couldn’t be there, maybe because his clone was Live on Saturday Night, but hopefully he won’t forget Valentine’s Day tomorrow. He’ll probably have clean balls, but The Dude on the Right won’t until at least this Saturday, while Stu Gotz, over this upcoming weekend, might be able to help you with that underwater video of whales humping you’ve been trying to edit, or at least help you figure out how to make it viral.

Yup, during this episode of Stu & The Dude’s “Weekend Wrap-Up” podcast we talk about all of those things, just not necessarily in that order.

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