Date: February, 1991
Venue: The Rosemont Horizon
City: Rosemont, IL
A Review by: The Dude on the Right & The Dude on the Left

The Dude on the Right

Well, it’s finally happened – Bog nights have returned. Finally, instead of having to traipse far and wide to hear a live band, we get to experience the music right here on the safety of our own campus. Last week brought the return of Rude Mood, a Stevie Ray/ZZ Top/George Thorogood type of band.

The mood of the evening was like it always seems to be for the first Bog night, that being everybody just wanting to hang around, renew old friendships, and find our what every one else did over their break. Not really the best audience for a band, but Rude Mood did an O.K. job of entertaining the crowd. Starting the evening in the same manner as their last appearance, “I Drink Alone” by Lonesome George got the show on its feet. The show steadily turned into a lets start this song, throw in an extended guitar solo, and then go back and finish the song. It got a little tedious and just a little boring after a while. Not saying the guitar solos were bad or anything, but it seems like the musical talent could be shown a little better by throwing a few more songs into their set list and laying off the guitar solos a bit.

Well, to rap this up, I’m going to give Rude Mood ONE THUMB UP! Not the greatest start for the semester, but and OK start. It’s not that I didn’t like them, it was just that the show tended to drag on a bit. Oh well!

Once again, the Unknown Reviewers took the streets, and this time our travels took us to the wonderful acoustics of the Rosemont Horizon. The event – AC/DC. Angus and the boys showed up in full force, at full volume, and to such an extent that the echo off the back wall didn’t even make a difference. The evening began with us taking our seats in the Front Row, being told by the big, burly security dudes that we could jump up and down all we wanted, but if we even thought of moving toward the stage, immense quantities of pain would be inflicted upon us, and then we would be thrown out. I guess these guys meant business, seeing as they threw out some guy in the third row no more than two words into the first screaming words of Brian Johnson. Needless to say, we stayed in our respective places. The show highlighted much of AC/DC’s career, spanning the hits like Hell’s Bells, Back in Black, Highway to Hell, and current hits like Thunderstruck and Money Talks. It was obvious who the leader of the show was, with Angus running up ramps to platforms over two ominous gun turrets, and even retreating to a rising platform situated about fifty rows back of us, throwing in the guitar solos as only he can do so well. The show ended with a rousing version of For Those About to Rock (We Salute You), in which the gun turrets brought a deafening roar to the Horizon. All in all, it was a great show, and finally I was able to say “I must be in the Front Row!” I’m going to give AC/DC TWO THUMBS UP!!!!! Yep, there back.

That’s it for this dude’s edition of Reviews, but…… there was one main problem with the Bog show last Thursday, and that has to do with the wonderful Bog light show. I know the wheels are in motion for some new lights, but with the wonderful new addition, I wonder how hard it would be to at move the old lights to where the new stage is. It was a shame Rude Mood had to start with the only lighting being from the moving of light bulbs in the ceiling, and then to no lights when this turned out to be too bright. It’s kinda really hard to get into the feeling of a band when you really can’t see them. Hopefully, this situation will be resolved soon! B.B.M. N.M.B. And , as always, Rellim Reeb, Rellim Reeb!!!

The Dude on the Left

Ahhh, now that’s MUCH more like it. I was beginning to miss those wonderful Friday morning headaches, the dry mouth, the painful lectures! Good thing that the bands are back in the Bog so that my petty little needs can be satisfied. Seriously, the Bog bands are finally back and not a second too soon. The First week? Rude Mood. The Music? A combination of ZZ Top, Jimi Hendrix, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. they started out with a rousing rendition of I Drink Alone by George Thorogood and like my partner said, one guitar solo after another. Don’t get me wrong, I love a great guitar solo as much as the next guy, but if I want to see a billion and one guitar solos, at least they could be a little different. How bout adding a slide? So acoustic? SOMETHING???? They played their usual bog type songs that always get good reactions. “Cheap Sunglasses” the quintessential ZZ Top song, and some Stevie Ray, more Stevie Ray, and even more music that sounded like Stevie Ray rounded out the First Set.

The second set opened with a decent rendition of Foxy Lady, followed by Lagrange by ZZ Top. they played some bluesy jam followed by some More Stevie then some Lonesome George. I was kinda disappointed to learn that they don’t know any Steve Miller. How can any band not know ANY Steve Miller? The third set was one straight from the Rude Mood formula… Some Hendrix, some Stevie, and for good measure “Moby Dick” by Led Zep (to highlight the drummer instead of the guitar I guess). The closing song was “Roadhouse Blues” by the Lizard King and the Boys (the Doors).

All in all, it was a pretty decent evening, and if you don’t count the light show and having to walk a zillion miles to relieve myself.. I had a pretty good time. I think I’ll give the bogs first band of the semester hmmm…. ONE THUMB UP!! This gives ’em TWO BIG MOMBO THUMBS UP!! Not bad guys.. Learn “the Joker” by Steve Miller.. and you’ll be set!

Yes, and once again we hit the road to bring the best and the brightest new stars to you, our dedicated readers so that you’ll not be ignorant of things that happen off this wonderful campus. Last Friday, we found ourselves at the beautiful Rosemont Horizon in the Front Row. AC/DC was the band and loud was the volume. I won’t really bore you with the gory details, like my partner did, but I’d like to say that the Front Row is THE place to be. Even if my UNGRATEFUL partner said we were too close… “We didn’t get any money” (ala the video), “We didn’t get crushed against the stage…” and other such complaints were all that I heard for the next few days… Well THPPPPPPPPT! !! It really was a great show thought. I was deaf for a coupla days. And I even though I felt some of Angus’ drool hit me as he flailed about! What a great night. I hate to sound repetitive, but I’ll give AC/DC TWO HUGE THUMBS UP! (They’re professionals what do you expect … less that FOUR THUMBS UP???)

And as a special treat for all you folks that think we’re a coupla beer swilling, uncultured boobs… well THPPPPPT! to you too. This week I hit the road on my own… To the Auditorium Theatre to see Phantom of the Opera. It’s about this guy whos face looks like someone smashed him with a frying pan so he wears this mask (just like Jason is Friday the 13th). Well, he falls in love with this chick that sings in the opera. Now, she thinks he’s butt ugly, but is fascinated by his music. So, he tries to arrange it so that she can sing the lead in this Opera (there’s even a fat chick singing soprano!). Well, she doesn’t , so he drops a chandelier on her head (he missed, otherwise it would have been a short musical). He finally writes an opera for her.. they perform it… he kidnaps her… takes her to the tunnels under the city(just like where the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live). Her dude comes to rescue her.. the Phantom puts a noose around his neck.. She screams, cries, begs… and he gives in. He gets all sad at being rejected and disappears. The End.

Well, that brings to the end another fabulous week of fun and culture brought to you by the gracious people at Miller and Tech News. Tune in next week for another exciting episode of the Unknown Reviewers.. and be sure to check out Dear Dudes, our cool advice column. So until next week, C.U.Next Thursday so we can pack the bog to the walls.