What’s New? DVD Reviews of “30 Days of Night” and “Wrestlemaniac.”

The Dude on the Right spent his Sunday watching a bunch of DVD’s, and in the middle saw Tiger Woods sink a fantastic putt to win the Arnold Palmer Invitational. He didn’t review Tiger’s putt, but he did start stacking up some DVD reviews in the likes of “30 Days of Night” and “Wrestlemaniac”
(The photo in this blog is from the wrestling film because I believe it’s way too cold in Alaska in winter for dudettes to dress like that).

The Dude will be working on his reviews of "Tripping the Rift: The Movie" and "The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters" (Who knew classic video games could be so fascinating?) during the week, as well as getting ready for Easter weekend.
A podcast or two might also show up this week, another blog, and some American Idol commentary.
It’s just another week in the Entertainment Ave! internet.