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Movie Stats & Links

Starring: Adam Huss, Leyla Milani, Margaret Scarborough, Catherine Wreford, Rey Misterio
MPAA Rated: R
Web Site: myspace.elmascaradomassacre
Distributed By: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Kiddie Movie: Oh no.  Put them to bed first.
Date Movie: If she is a fan of fun horror movies.
Gratuitous Sex: Nudity, touching, and the girls getting it on!
Gratuitous Violence: It's about a wrestling maniac - what do you think?
Action: There's running and chasing.
Laughs: In the horror genre.
Memorable Scene: Umm, the girls getting it on.
Memorable Quote: None.
Directed By: Jesse Baget

Cool Things About the DVD

Buy a New TV! Just do it already and get that widescreen.
Buy a New Stereo! The music separation was well done.  Get surround sound dammit!
Anything Else! Nothing was really special about the DVD.  It's got the commentary track, a short "Behind-the-Scenes" feature, but that's about it.

A Movie/DVD Review


DVD Rated - R

It's 1:31 Long

A Review by
The Dude on the Right
What happens when you get a group of amateur porn makers, stranded in a deserted Mexcian town, where there is the legend of a monster wrestler? You get "Wrestlemaniac," thatís what. Hereís sort of the storyÖ

Our group of people who have never seen a bad horror movie before, led by Alphonse (Adam Huss), are traveling through Mexico looking for a good location to shoot some porn with their girls Dallas (Leyla Milani), Debbie (Margaret Scarborough), and Daisy (Catherine Wreford), nice stripper names if I do say so myself. In their travels they come across a dilapidated gas station with a scary old man (Irwin Keyes) who tells them about the town of La Sangre De Dios where legend tells of a killer wrestler named El Mascarado (Rey Misterio). Of course our heroes stumble upon the town, donít heed the warnings of the scary old man, film some gratuitous nudity, and then, one by one, El Mascarado lives up to the wrestler creed of how to win.

Sure, thereís the backstory of how El Mascarado was created by the Mexican government to become a super-wrestler, and when he couldnít be controlled, well, he was left to rot, or something like that, in the town, but it doesnít really matter because our heroes are horror-movie stupid, exactly like you want in a movie called "Wrestlemaniac."

Now Iím usually one for a fun horror movie, and "Wrestlemaniac" had all of the elements, namely a stupid plot, stupid people, gore, and nudity, but when Dallasí shorts got ripped off, and although it was nice seeing her running around in her underwear, it actually put the movie too over-the-top for me in horror-movie stupid, that and the fact that I didnít like that they left the movie open for a sequel when the dumb broad should have just done as she was told, and by her not doing so the ending isnít really a surprise, and it ruined the fun.

If you want some campy horror fun you could do worse than "Wrestlemaniac," but not liking the ending dropped the movie for me a lot so Iím leaving my rating at 2 stars out of 5. As far as the DVD goes, itís got your standard commentary track and some behind the scenes stuff, but nothing hugely extra so if you can only find this movie on cable, you wonít be missing too much. However, if you are a horror-movie buff, go ahead and add the DVD to your collection.

Thatís it for this one! Iím The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!


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