What’s New? A DVD Review of: Eagle Eye

Dude on the Right always wondered if a helicopter scene in

"Eagle Eye"
showed St. James, a church in Chicago where he used to
sometimes go to for mass on Sundays, as well as a view of Keating Hall, the
"sports center" for the Illinois Institute of Technology where The Dude used to
do can-openers off of the high-dive board, at the college where he also started
doing reviews, but that’s not important right now.  What is important right
now is

if he thought the DVD of "Eagle Eye"
was any good, and pretty much The
Dude on the Right thought it held up as well on his plasma as it did at the
movie theater.  He was disappointed that the alternate ending version on
the DVD wasn’t the realistic version The Dude was looking for, he did like the
"making of" features, and always loves a gag-reel, and maybe the commentary
feature was cool, but The Dude rarely, and didn’t, watch the movie with the
commentary floating around in the background.  He does feel, though, if you
want an action movie reminiscent of movies like "I, Robot", "The Italian Job",
and "War Games," but with the effects of 2008, the DVD of "Eagle Eye" will let
you enjoy your time at home, and then wonder if your cell phone is watching you. 
Happy viewing!