I Still Wonder What God Has In Store – The World Series or the Lottery


The Dude on the Right

Well right now it seems that God is granting my prayer that the White Sox win
the World Series because, well, I didn’t win the
Mega Millions game on
Friday and the

White Sox took Game 1
on Saturday night.  Since no one won the jackpot,
though, I told God this morning that he could still let Houston win the Series
as long as I win the estimated $128 million jackpot coming up on Tuesday. 
I guess we’ll see which way God is leaning after tonight’s (Sunday) game, as
well as Tuesday’s game, and if I win the big money on Tuesday night.  I
can’t help but hold my breath either way, and I’m not re-taunting my sister’s
family until at least Tuesday night to see exactly which way God wants to take

In the meantime, this weekend, I almost got all of my podcasting
connections working like I want them to, I just have one more thing to work on,
and that’s trying to come up with an easy way to get some
TIVO sound into my iTunes
library because I’ve got some audio from the World Series Game 1 that really
needs to be revisited, and I’m not talking about Liz Phair’s version of "God
Bless America," because that stood out on its own, and sadly, not in a good way
(don’t get me wrong, I love Liz Phair, wish I would have gone to
Oberlin College back in
the day just to maybe hang with her, but is it really a good idea to put someone
who notoriously has been known for not being the most comfortable in front of a
crowd, and plopping her in front of 41,000+ people who aren’t really fans of
hers, as well as the thought of millions on TV?).

Anyway, the Bears won this afternoon :-), the Browns lost
:-(, Doom pretty much sucked,
and that Snake Plissken, I mean
Kurt Russell horse movie
was really enjoyable.  I’m settling in for Game 2 as I write this, and the
weather has gone to shit here in Chicago, but not nearly as gone to shit as
Florida is about to get.  The baseball folks seem to think they can get the
game in, and with the money involved, they probably will, but it might be a long
night, hopefully with a White Sox win, unless, of course, God has the intention
of me winning $128 million on Tuesday.  Only God knows right now, I just
hope he’s kinda got Hurricane Wilma on cruise control and doesn’t let something
slip by in the World Series or the lottery.

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!