Funny how getting your car serviced can help you get work done.


The Dude on the Right

I had to take the dude-mobile to get some servicing done so I figured what
better time to catch up on some reviewing than sitting in the waiting room at
the car shop.  I brought along my trusty new laptop and popped out reviews
of "Syriana," "Fun With Dick and Jane," "The Producers," and "Match Point.
I know, "What took you so long?", but I’ve got my reasons, and none of them good
enough or ones that I want to share.  Let’s just say that too many things
got in the way.  So, "Bamm!", four new reviews and a new blog all in one

If all goes well we should have our first videocast by the end of the
month.  Sadly, yesterday, I ran into some computer issues that blew up a
file (I know, back-ups are the name of the game, but do you have a full back-up
of all of your work?) that set it back about a week.  Fine, I admit it, I’m
an idiot because this was important and I should have been doing a continual
back-up, but I didn’t.  Stu and I are in test mode right now for this
videocast, and now I’ve got to rebuild some things I should have never lost in
the first place, but at least I have my knowledge of doing it the first time, so
it shouldn’t be as difficult, kinda like riding a bike.

Enough rambling, read the new reviews, and have
a fabulous day.

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!