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Wild Wild West
Movie Stats & Links

Starring: Will Smith, Kevin Kline, Kenneth Branagh, Salma Hayek
MPAA Rated: PG-13
Released By: Warner Bros.
Web Site:
Kiddie Movie: Not too young.
Date Movie: I took Whammy - she was disappointed. You make the call.
Gratuitous Sex: Close, but no cigar. You get a nice shot of Selma Hayek's butt.
Gratuitous Violence: Lots of people get shot, but no real gore.
Action: A couple of chase scenes.
Laughs: Groaners more than laughs.
Memorable Scene: Selma Hayek's butt.
Memorable Quote: None.
Directed By: Barry Sonnenfeld
Produced By: Jon Peters, Barry Sonnenfeld

Wild Wild West
A Movie Review

MPAA Rated - PG-13

It's 1:47 Long

A Review by
The Dude on the Right
I walked out of "Wild, Wild West" thinking they should have done one of two things: One - kept the movie a lot cleaner with less implied violence, less sex stuff (yea, I actually thought that), and jokes geared for the kids rather than the jokes it had, and maybe shoot for a PG or G rating to make it funner for kids to watch. Or two - go balls out with total gore, more sex, more adult jokes, and keep the kids away by shooting for an R rating. The movie was stuck in the middle, a sad PG-13 flick, which had me totally disappointed and still wondering why Will Smith was James West.

"Wild, Wild West" had an easy plot to work with - James West (Will Smith) and Artemus Gordon (Kevin Kline) have to find the dude who kidnapped top scientists and is threatening to take over the US with a super killing device. West and Gordon have all kinds of fun gadgets to get themselves out of sticky situations, and Dr. Loveless (Kenneth Branagh) is the bad dude, but somewhere in the lousy writing this movie just led me to disappointment. And I sort of felt bad for the parents who brought their seven year olds not realizing there would be some profanity for them, a nice shot of Rita Escobar's (Selma Hayek) butt to explain, Dr. Loveless' S&M bedroom, lots of slavery slams, and lots of sexual innuendo for dad to not chuckle at so as not to elicit a "What's so funny dad?" from young skippy.

I don't remember the original series that much except that it was kinda cheesy, but that made it somewhat fun to watch. "Wild, Wild West," the movie version, is cheesy, too, but I didn't have any fun and I think most of it had to do with them not knowing just how far to push things or leave them alone. Things like the opening scene with Jim West and a young lovely having a hot-tub party in a water tower, sucking face almost like a porno, only to be distracted by the bad dudes; and the scene where General McGrath (Ted Levine) is lying there and a little dog looks into his gramophone hearing aid, looking like the old scene with the RCA dog. It was a really bad joke.

The movie elicited more groans than laughs at really bad jokes, and maybe, in the end, that's what I hated. They tried too hard to make it cheesy instead of letting it be cheesy on its own.

So, should you see it? Me, I would wait for cable, or maybe a video rental, but not spend the big bucks on this film. You also might want to be careful at how young your kids are when you watch it with them or you might feel a little uncomfortable during some scenes. It's PG-13 for a reason, but the problem is that for most 13 and uppers it won't be cool enough, and for most under 13's it will just have them going "gross" or get frightened when the spinning blade is heading to chop off some heads.

From me it's 1 star out of 5. I was totally disappointed. I think some people might like it, but I sure wasn't one of them.

That's it for this one, I'm The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!


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