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Movie Stats & Links

Starring: Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman, Olivia Williams
MPAA Rated: R
Released By: Touchstone Pictures
Kiddie Movie: They might find some of the pranks kind of funny, but most of this movie is adult.
Date Movie: If she likes dry humor.
Gratuitous Sex: Not really.
Gratuitous Violence: Some creative high school plays, but nothing that bad.
Action: Nah.
Laughs: Dry humor.
Memorable Scene: Max Fischer at dinner with Herman Blume, Miss Cross, and her date, when Max had too much to drink.
Memorable Quote: Nothing really.
Directed By: Wes Anderson
Produced By: Barry Mendel, Paul Schiff

A Movie Review

MPAA Rated - R

It's 1:33 Long

A Review by
The Dude on the Right
I had a worry when I was going into see "Rushmore," the new film being touted as Bill Murray's triumphant return to the big screen, and that worry came from the fact that just about every other commercial I saw on TV was for the movie "Rushmore." That always tends to scare me because usually when there is an abundance of commercials for a movie, I generally don't like it. I won't say that "Rushmore" was a bad film, but I understand why the critics found the movie so triumphant, and I found a kind of boring.

"Rushmore" is basically an artsy comedy. What I mean by that is there's a lot of thought-provoking dialogue, and basically it's not your gut busting humor. Unfortunately, that's what it's being touted as.

The story kinda goes like this: Jason Schwartz plays Max Fisher, a not well-to-do kid placed in an academy of mostly rich and wealthy, spoiled brats, but he gets around that by constantly saying that his father is a neurosurgeon when his father is actually a barber. Also, Max is involved as usually the president or the founder of nearly every geeky student organization at the school. Enter Herman Blume, played by Bill Murray. Herman is a steel tycoon who really doesn't like his wife nor kids. But, he takes a liking to Max, and for some goofy reason, kinda treats Max like a son. Well, all is swell until Max falls for a first grade teacher, Miss Cross, (Olivia Williams), and that's not so bad, except Max gets his heart broken. Enter again Herman, who ends up falling for Miss Cross. Max doesn't like this, so he begins to seek his revenge on both Herman and Miss Cross. The subtle comedy ensues as Herman and Max begin a few pranks aimed at hurting the other person. Well, all is well in love and war, and eventually Max and Herman get back together, while Max puts on his best school play yet, and of course Max works to get Herman and Miss Cross together.

As an all-out comedy this movie had a lot of potential, but the powers that be, and all else involved, went for the artsy side, keeping the humor subtle and dry, the dialog more intellectual, and quite frankly, at least for me, left me slightly disappointed. If you're looking for another "There's Something About Mary," this isn't it, although from the adds you've seen you might think it might be, that combined with the touting Bill Murray has been getting as the comedic genius he was and still is. But Bill Murray isn't over the top, as he might have been in a "Caddyshack" or a "Stripes," although his character is still kind of quirky and still portrays that attitude of being just a goof sometimes. It is Jason, however, who takes quirky and goofy to a new level. As Max he likes to blow up things, he likes to play with bees, he likes fencing, and he's a silly drunk. You would think, with that combination, the revenge plots could have been a little bit more over the edge, but they were quick into the point.

A couple of scenes in the movie had me laughing out loud, namely the dinner scene where Max has a couple of drinks, as well as the ending play that Max puts on, but for the most part, the movie was mostly chuckle humor. Not that that truly disappointed me, but from the adds I seen, and the previous promotion, for some reason I was really expecting to laugh my ass off, instead of really have to pay attention to the film.

So, how do I rate "Rushmore?" Well, I give it 2 1/2 stars out of 5. It has its moments, and if you like that artsy humor, artsy dialog, or artsy filmmaking, you probably will like the film more than I did, but for me, who can take or leave those types of films, I would've preferred they'd gone for the "Make the dude piss his pants" type of humor. Oh well, I can't have everything.

That's it for this one, I'm The Dude on the Right! L8R!


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