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Osmosis Jones
Movie Stats & Links

Starring: Bill Murray, Molly Shannon, Chris Elliott and the voices of Chris Rock, Laurence Fishburne, David Hyde Pierce, Joel Silver, Brandy, William Shatner
MPAA Rated: PG
Released By: Warner Bros.
Web Site:
Kiddie Movie: They seemed to like it.
Date Movie: Only if you're married and it's because your bringing your kid.
Gratuitous Sex: Osmosis has the hots for Leah, but that's about it.
Gratuitous Violence: Animation violence.
Action: Animation chases.
Laughs: I had to think too hard to laugh.
Memorable Scene: The animation was pretty cool.
Memorable Quote: None.
Directed By: Peter Farrelly, Bobby Farrelly, Piet Kroon, Tom Sito
Produced By: Peter Farrelly, Bobby Farrelly, Bradley Thomas, Zak Penn, Dennis Edwards

Osmosis Jones
A Movie Review

MPAA Rated - PG

It's 1:35 Long

A Review by
The Dude on the Right
Hereís the problem I had with "Osmosis Jones" Ė it tried to be too smart and too clever instead of just trying to be funny. Before I explain hereís the story.

"Osmosis Jones" is two stories in one movie, intertwined. First we get the real world movie with Frank (Bill Murray) working in a zoo and as the single dad to Shane (Elena Franklin). But Frank is pretty much gross and disgusting. On the outside his body looks like hell and he eats like crap, much to the dismay of Shane, and this is brought to light as Frank eats a hard boiled egg which has been sucked on by a monkey and dropped on the ground. Now enter the second story of the movie, what is going on inside Frankís body.

The inside story is animated, showing the innards of the human body working like a little city. You had the different parts of the city interconnected by red and blue highways (get it, veins and arteries), a Mayor (voiced by William Shatner) making decisions in Cerebellum Hall, a police chief leading his force from the lymph nodes, a hot secretary, and a demoted cop, also known as a white blood cell called Osmosis Jones, voiced by Chris Rock. The problem in the City of Frank comes when Frank eats that egg. On it was Thrax (voiced by Laurence Fishburne), a killer virus looking to kill, well, Frank. Thrax starts his plan by just giving Frank normal cold and flu symptoms, but heís getting henchman from the Body of Frank to help him complete the dastardly deed. With the flu symptoms comes Drix (voiced by David Hyde Pierce), a cold and flu pill taken by Frank who Osmosis is teamed up with.

Well, on the outside you get Frank struggling to be a good father and thinking he just has the flu (and looking like crap), while on the inside Osmosis and Drix think something more is wrong than just the flu so they try to find Thrax and kill him. Alright, this story sounds complicated, and it is a little, but surprisingly it flows smoothly between the animation sequences and the live action, and thatís on the plus side. My problem, like I said before, is that, in actuality, the story tries to be too smart and too clever, reaching for puns and bodily comparisons that, quite honestly, I didnít want to have to reach that hard for nor think that hard for in a movie that should have just tried to be funny.

For the kiddies the movie is a little gross, but the animation is brightly colored, fun, and the basic story is easy enough for them to have a good time (as was evident from the few 5 to 10 year olds around me who, after the movie was done, said they liked it). But for me, maybe I just should have been in the "intellectual" mood instead of the "not wanting to think much" mood I was in because to get the jokes you really have to pay attention.

For "Osmosis Jones" Iím only giving it 2 stars out of 5. I wanted to like the movie, I wanted to laugh, but I didnít want to have to think too hard to get there. I had to think to hard and still didnít get there.

Thatís it for this one! Iím The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!


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