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The Mist
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Starring: Thomas Jane, Marcia Gay Harden
MPAA Rated: R
Released By: The Weinstein Company
Web Site:
Directed By: Frank Darabont
Produced By: Frank Darabont, Liz Glotzer, Martin Shafer

The Mist
A Movie Preview

Preview Only

MPAA Rated - R

It's ? Long
Release Date: 11/21/07

A Preview by
The Dude on the Right
Just in time for Thanksgiving, a movie based on a novella by Stephen King! Too bad my niece wasn't coming to visit because this movie is right up her alley.

As Stephen King movies tend to take place, this one brings us to a small town in Maine. There's a weird mist that has enveloped the town, and a group of people are holed up in a supermarket. If you leave the supermarket and enter the mist, well, it looks like something kills and eats you, so now we've got a group of people in the supermarket torn between their belief in God and his being a vengeful God, and everyone else. All of a sudden religion begins to screw people up so they don't help each other, which, isn't that what God wants us to do all along, I mean the get along thing, not screw people up?

I wish my niece were visiting for Turkey Day because I do hope to see this movie otherwise I'll have to wait and hope it's still in the theaters come Christmas-time. It's all about the spirit!

That's it for this preview! I'm The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!


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