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The Mexican
Movie Stats & Links

Starring: Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, James Gandolfini
MPAA Rated: R
Released By: Dreamworks SKG
Kiddie Movie: Nope.
Date Movie: The dudettes seem to like the movie.
Gratuitous Sex: Julia keeps her clothes on as usual.
Gratuitous Violence: Some shootings and blood.
Action: Nah.
Laughs: Ehh.
Memorable Scene: None.
Memorable Quote: None.
Directed By: Gore Verbinski
Produced By: Lawrence Bender, John Baldecchi

The Mexican
A Movie Review

MPAA Rated - R

It's 2:03 Long

A Review by
The Dude on the Right
As the credits rolled and I found myself thinking the movie pretty much a load of crap, I was sort of surprised to hear many of the dudettes seeming to like the movie, and it didnít seem like it was only because of Brad Pitt. Iím talking about "The Mexican," a film that I thought had tons of potential but just fell apart.

"The Mexican" tells the story of Jerry (Brad Pitt) and Samantha (Julia Roberts). Jerry works for the mob running errands but usually just screwing things up. Samantha is sick of Jerryís life and wants them to move to Las Vegas, and sheís going, with or without Jerry. The problem for Jerry is that his mob bosses have one more job for him and Samantha doesnít understand. So, Jerry is off to Mexico to find an ancient pistol while Samantha is off to Vegas to find her dream life, only she runs into Leroy (James Gandolfini), supposedly working for the mob to make sure Jerry gets the gun and delivers it to the boss.

For Jerryís part of the movie we get him having mishap after mishap trying to retrieve the pistol. First he gets the pistol, then the dude he is also supposed to bring back to the States gets shot in the top of the head (bullets shot up have to come down somewhere), then the pistol and his car get stolen, then he gets them back, then they get stolen again, then he gets them back, then, well, you get the idea. Meanwhile Leroy and Samantha start trading relationship advice as both of them seem to have problems keeping relationships, all the while Leroy has to maintain his hit-man persona.

You would think that with the triple-team of Pitt, Roberts, and Gandolfini, well, "The Mexican" couldnít miss, but for me it did as I sat there pretty much bored by a movie that tried to hard to be edgy. It could have been a funny movie, it could have been a dark movie, but "The Mexican" tried to hard to be both and none of it clicked for me. But, like I said, some of the dudettes leaving the movie seemed to enjoy although I wonít let that sway my decision. I tried to like the movie, tried very hard, and usually like anything with Julia Roberts, but I didnít like "The Mexican" and give it 1 Ĺ star out of 5. No one seemed able to save this movie and in the end I didnít really care if Jerry and Samantha got together, I just wanted the movie to be over.

Thatís it for this one! Iím The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!


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