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Monsters, Inc.
Movie Stats & Links

Starring: The voices of John Goodman, Billy Crystal, Mary Gibbs, Steve Buscemi, James Coburn, Jennifer Tilly
MPAA Rated: G
Released By: Pixar / Disney
Kiddie Movie: You better believe it.
Date Movie: Watch it with her, too!
Gratuitous Sex: There's a romance, but the monsters don't get naked.
Gratuitous Violence: Monsters fight each other and try to scare the children.
Action: Some scenes have chasing.
Laughs: Lots of chuckles for old and young.
Memorable Scene: Most of the movie.
Memorable Quote: "Don't worry, it's lemon."
Directed By: Pete Docter

Cool Things About the DVD

Learn French! You get your standard English, French and Spanish so have at it!
Buy a New TV! It looks lots better on the wide screen with the Blu-ray.
Buy a New Stereo! Sure, it would help, but you're probably okay with out it for this one.
Anything Else! The Blu-ray has some extra commentary and a cool game for the kids to play, and the basic DVD stuff is cool, especially in learning how a movie comes together.

Monsters, Inc.
A Blu-ray/DVD Review


DVD Rated - G

It's 1:32 Long

A Review by
The Dude on the Right
When “Monsters, Inc.” was originally coming out, I wondered how they could make a full-length movie about monsters "who scare because they care," but they did it nicely, taking us to the fictional world of Monstropolis.  Now that the Blu-ray has been released, I wondered if I would like it again because I never watched it when it came out on DVD. Well I liked it just as much on Blu-ray, and the 4-Disc Combo Pack is loaded with tons of fun stuff that the geek in me really liked, too.

Let’s start with Monstropolis…

Things seem okay in Monstropolis except they are in the midst of an energy crunch. Why? Well it seems that human kids are getting harder to scare. You see, Monsters Inc supplies power for Monstropolis. At Monsters Inc. scary monsters enter little kids bedrooms through their closet door, attempt to scare them, and then collect their screams that are then turned into power for the city. Sulley (voiced by John Goodman) is the lead scarer, a giant, cuddly, blue monster, and Mike (Billy Crystal), his assistant, is a green ball with one eye. Things are simple enough, except it seems that the monsters biggest worry is that parts of the human world will touch them, let alone be touched by a human – because the human world is contaminated and could kill the monsters. Case in point – one of the monsters comes back from scaring a kid and a sock is stuck to his fur. Sirens blare, lights flash, and the decontamination team quarantines the monster and the sock, blow up the sock, and shave the monster bare.

Well, attempting to help out Mike, Sulley goes back to the work area to find one door not stored away. Investigating, Sulley goes through the door, finding nothing, comes back out, and low and behold a little girl has hooked a ride into the monster world. Sulley is freaked because one, he thinks the girl has the coodies and two, he’s worried he’s going to get fired for bringing a child into the city. So Sulley hides the girl, gets Mike to help him try to figure how to get her back, but slowly realizes that the little girl won’t hurt him, she calls him "Kitty" and he calls her "Boo." But in the midst of this, Sulley and Mike figure out a sinister plot by Watermoose (James Coburn), a monster kind of a combination of an octopus and a crab, with the help of Randall (Steve Buscemi), kinda looking like a chameleon who is able to make himself invisible, and the real reason Randall was trying to capture Boo. Of course Sulley and Mike save the day, all's well that ends well, and that’s just what you want and expect from a Disney/Pixar movie. And that’s enough of the plot because you really don’t need more than that to enjoy the movie, in fact you probably didn’t even need to know the plot beforehand to enjoy the movie.

Anyway, "Monsters, Inc." is just a totally enjoyable movie. It doesn’t try to preach, it keeps things cute (like seeing the monsters just totally scared of Boo), and the characters are totally fun, even the bad ones. Goodman does so well in voicing Sulley and just seeming to be cuddly, and Crystal uses his witty voicing to keep Mike both fun and funny. Sure, the adult types will be totally impressed with the animation, the hairs flowing on the back of Sulley, the shadows, and the realistic looks of Boo, but good animation or not you still need a cute story and "Monsters, Inc." provides just that.

Now as much as I enjoy some crude humor, fart jokes, goo, and the like, it was good to see that it’s still possible to make an enjoyable movie without needed to include a lot of things like that. I don’t care who you are, from a little kid, to a grandparent, to a biker, you will probably enjoy "Monsters, Inc." It’s 5 stars out of 5 for the movie.

Let’s get to the extra stuff.

Anyway, for this 4-Disc Combo Pack, the easy things to tell you about are the Digital Copy that lets you put the movie on your mobile devices to watch it any time you want, and also included is a normal DVD with the same bonus stuff that was included when the DVD was first released.  But the reason for getting this Blu-ray pack is for, well, the Bluy-ray stuff, and because it looks good, and it’s well worth it.  Yup, the movie looks great on your big-screen TV being in Blu-ray, so you’ve got that going for it, and not having seen the original DVD when it came out, I loved the “behind the scenes” kind of stuff included, like the tour of Pixar, how the story is put together, a look at things that didn’t work, and who doesn’t like a “fake” gag reel with the Monsters, Inc. characters?  There is also some extended discussion of the “making of” kind of stuff, and there is also a game for the “Monsters, Inc.” aficionados, “Roz’s 100 Door Challenge,” and let’s just say that I have to watch the movie a few more times to get past being a greeter.

In the end, though, you are probably buying the movie for your Blu-ray player because it looks good, and the animation looks great, the story holds up, and your kids will hold your TV hostage again and again.

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!


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