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Men in Black
Movie Stats & Links

Starring: Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith, Linda Fiorentino, Rip Torn
MPAA Rated: PG-13
Released By: Columbia Pictures
Web Site:
Kiddie Movie: Sure.
Date Movie: If you want a laugh, sure. If you want to get into her pants, I'd recommend another.
Gratuitous Sex: If the movie would have been rated R it would have gotten another star from me!
Gratuitous Violence: Blowing up huge bugs isn't a bad thing, is it?
Action: You bet!
Laughs: Start to finish!
Memorable Scene: I laughed when a bunch of worm looking aliens with French accents were fleeing the planet with cartons of Marlboro cigarettes in tow.
Memorable Quote: Two of them: K tells J, "Elvis is not dead, he just went home.", and J converses with another agent, "Let's put a call in to Dennis Rodman." "He's from another planet? You're kidding? Not much of a disguise."
Directed By: Barry Sonnenfeld
Produced By: Walter F. Parkes and Laurie MacDonald

Men in Black
A Movie Review

MPAA Rated - PG-13

It's 1:38 Long

A Review by
Stu Gotz &
The Dude on the Right
Photo 18
Gentle Rosenberg's head opens to reveal the High Prince of Baltia.
Stu Gotz's review:
"Yea, my review's short, so read it."

Let me start off by saying I have been waiting with major anticipation to see this movie, and it did not disappoint. "Men in Black" kept me laughing and interested in its tale from start to finish, and that hasn't happened in a long time.

Here's the skinny. . . "J" (Will Smith) is a New York City Cop that has been recruited by "K" (Tommy Lee Jones) into an ultra secret organization that regulates aliens. Now I'm not talking about across the boarder aliens, I'm talking about little green men that go around in the heads of robots, slug looking things, and huge roaches from millions of light years away. Anyway, it's the job of the MiB to regulate, monitor, protect, and enforce the laws of the aliens community. All if fine and dandy until that huge cockroach I mentioned before decides to skip across our boarder and stir up some shit by killing off an alien ambassador and stealing his shit. It's now up to J & K to bring this bug to justice. And how do they do that? Hmmm? Let's see? K starts it by interrogating an alien and blowing his head off. Don't worry, it grew right back. An alien here, an alien there, and they end up racing a spaced up Ford LTD through the Queens Tunnel in hot pursuit. For a finishing touch K allows himself to be eaten by the roach only to blow him apart from the inside out. Space guns, space cars, and flying alien roach jib! What more could you ask for in a movie?

Photo 22
Mikey holds the head of his human disguise, Mexican Jose Garcia.
Like I said before this movie kept me entertained from start to finish. Unlike some recent big budget movies, MiB is not all about special effects. It has some great ones, but I dare say that if you were to strip the effects away you'd still have a good movie (unlike Twister). I thinks that's due to good writing and direction. Seriously, between J's humor, K's lack of it, the action and the special effects this movie has it all going on. I highly recommend that you dish out your hard earned eight buck and go see "Men in Black" and on a scale of 1 to 5 I give this movie a 4 star rating and I'm Stu Gotz!

The Dude on the Right: "It's my turn. . ."
Well, for a change, Stu seems short of words. I said to Stu, "Stu, how about a little more meat in the review?" "Dammit Dude," he said, "I just liked the movie and don't know what else to say besides to tell the people it was damn good and go see it." I told him to cool his little jets, I'll throw in my two cents, or eight bucks as it would be.

Photo 24
The worm guys take a coffee break.
Now, Stu gave you the basic rundown, and said that even with the special effects the story would have been alright. Well I say bull! There are many things that make this movie a must see, and the effects are just one of them.

Whereas "Mars Attacks!" was a spoof-style movie of the old alien thrillers, "Men in Black" does its best to kinda make you wonder, maybe just a little, that aliens might be out there, well, at least for me anyway. But, looking at it, the story line is so far out there that as much as the government can cover things up, I doubt they could pull this off, but then again, MiB isn't really a government agency, so, hmmm? From the magic little red light gadget to the invention of velcro, from the World's Fair to the real reason for the New York City blackout, the movie entertains, and you might know it isn't true, but from now on, whenever you have a deja vu episode, you just might wonder a little about our place on earth.

Now Stu sort of hinted at the acting, but the teaming of the coolness of Tommy Lee Jones as "K" with Smith as "J" was great. K is level headed, loves his job, but feels a little shorted in his life. Always serious, well, except for the upside-down "car" ride through the tunnel, he has to teach J the ways of the aliens that are harbored on earth. J, on the other hand, is the not so serious, youngster-type dude, in the group. Now, before I wrote this review, a buddy of mine said he was worried about seeing the movie because of Will Smith's performance in "Independence Day." He didn't think Will did a good job of portraying a military pilot, and worried that he would be the same in "MiB." I told him that Will was very similar playing "J," but the premise of his coming from New York's finest to the organization as a "freshman" type was perfect for his role.

Photo 40
K (Tommy Lee Jones) prepares to neuralyze J (Will Smith).
"Men in Black" has one of the coolest story lines to come around in a while. It really could have flopped in the hands of the wrong actors, but the, well, haphazardness of Will Smith with the coolness of Tommy Lee Jones was great. Combine that with the likes of "Zed," played by Rip Torn, the boss type person for the boys, and "Laurel" (Linda Florentino), who would be on her way to brain damage if it wasn't for J, and the movie wraps it all together. I just can't believe that I missed the foreshadowing (can you believe I actually used that word in a review?) that came in the opening scene. Well, Stu spoiled the ending, sort of, telling you the big bad bug dies, but there is a little more. It's kinda funny, kinda sad, and eventually leads to Dennis Rodman. Weird.

Like Stu, I recommend "Men in Black" to the masses. I don't know if the dudettes will like it, and the kids, rather than be scared out of there wits like I saw them when the dino's tore apart some dude, might just like seeing the scary aliens turn into goo. But, there are some deeper moments (I almost shed a tear when the alien ambassador dude kicked the bucket), so, hmm, if the kids don't base their life beliefs around the movies it will probably be cool. For "Men in Black," I too give it 4 out of 5 stars.

That's it for this one, I'm The Dude on the Right. L8R!!


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