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The Lather Effect
Movie Stats & Links

Starring: Connie Britton, Tate Donovan, William Mapother, Eric Stoltz, Ione Skye, and more!
MPAA Rated: Not rated.
Released By: Anchor Bay
Kiddie Movie: They'd be bored because there are no fun colors.
Date Movie: Only if she can appreciate the song "Sister Christian."
Gratuitous Sex: Only talk.
Gratuitous Violence: Nah.
Action: Nah.
Laughs: A couple of chuckles.
Memorable Scene: Nah.
Memorable Quote: Nah.
Directed By: Sarah Kelly

Cool Things About the DVD

Anything? It's a sort of indie movie - they don't have the money for really cool stuff, and the "cool" stuff on the DVD, well, you won't really care about.

The Lather Effect
A Movie/DVD Review


DVD Rated - Unrated

It's 1:35 Long

A Review by
The Dude on the Right
I have to say that there a few things that just bug the hell out of me about the DVD "The Lather Effect," with one of them being, simply, how in the hell did they clean up the mess left in that house, after a blow-out of a party, in one afternoon, especially being hungover as hell? Another issue I had was that no where, simply, on the internet, is there an explanation of what "the lather effect" is (sure, they try to explain it during the movie, but they do a crappy job). However, according to The Urban Dictionary, this movie should have been called "The Shampoo Effect" because that seems to be the phrase they are actually shooting for. Maybe there was a legal issue so the film folks opted for "lather" instead of "shampoo," but in any case, if you want a thinking movie with a lot of talk, that is being touted in one review as "A ĎBig Chillí for Generation X", and grew up in the 1980ís, you can probably relate to at least some of the adult discussions going on during "The Lather Effect."

The movie premise is kind of simple: You grew up in the 1980ís, you are now in your 30ís, and what better place to throw a blow-out, "remember when," kind of party than in a house set to be sold in a couple of days. So our cast of characters wake up the day after the party, the house is a disaster, and now itís time for cleaning, reminiscing, and maybe even explaining some secrets that have been kept secret, eating at those keeping the secrets, for far too long. Most of their lives have taken different paths, some havenít grown up yet, some seem too adult for the room, yet since they all are, or were friends, what the hell, after the cleaning itís time for the small group of friends to have one more party, for them, to iron out all of their issues, and get on with their lives, with baggage from the 1980ís finally left behind.

"The Lather Effect" does have some cute moments, but mostly itís a movie where "adult conversation" is supposed to wrap us into the story of the lives of these people, but for me, I really didnít care about most of them. The thing is that for most of us who grew up in the 1980ís, well, weíve already had that "get-together" moment, whether drunken or not, and probably moved on. I have to admit that I donít know how it relates to "The Big Chill," because, well, I never saw "The Big Chill," but I do know the "Chill" movie deals with college friends, which, I think, relates to people on a totally different level.

If songs from a-ha, INXS, and Night Ranger mean anything to you, there might be some appreciation for the "This is the greatest song, ever!", thread, that permeates the DVD, but for me, "Sister Christian" is so much better used in "Boogie Nights."  All I can say is that if you might be looking for a DVD to rent where you have to listen to a lot of dialogue, go ahead and put "The Lather Effect" on your Netflix queue. Otherwise I just suggest you try to get together with some of your old friends from high school, get drunk, and relive years you probably are happy you have forgotten.

Itís 2 stars out of 5 for "The Lather Effect" DVD, and the extras on the DVD didnít really help much.

Thatís it for this one! Iím The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!


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