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Knocked Up
DVD Stats & Links

Starring: Katherine Heigl, Seth Rogen, Leslie Mann, Paul Rudd
MPAA Rated: Unrated Collector's Edition
Released By: Universal Pictures
Distributed By: Universal Home Video
Kiddie Movie: Even though the kids in the movie were cute, that doesn't mean you should let yours watch.  Get them in bed first.
Date Movie: It's great for the dudes and dudettes.
Gratuitous Sex: It's about getting knocked up, and they show why, although Katherine isn't naked.
Gratuitous Violence: Nope.
Action: No real chasing here.
Laughs: From start to finish.
Memorable Scene: Although I loved the entire film, I loved the scenes with Jill (Kristen Wiig) and the second time at the nightclub.
Memorable Quote: Way too many to list.
Directed By: Judd Apatow

Cool Things About the DVD

Learn French! It's got some subtitle things.  Go ahead.  Learn.
Buy a New TV! If you don't have a widescreen TV yet, you'd better get one soon.
Buy a New Stereo! Not really for this DVD, but go ahead and upgrade if you don't have surround sound yet.
Anything Else! The collector's edition really turns things up a notch with extras, most of them very funny so go ahead and spend some quality time with extra stuff.

Knocked Up
A Movie/DVD Review


DVD - Unrated

It's 2:09 Long

A Review by
The Dude on the Right
One of my favoritist films so far during 2007 is "Knocked Up," and when it was finally announced it was going to be released on DVD I just hoped that the movie folks already had a DVD release in mind when they were filming the movie so it might mean a DVD with a ton of extras. I ended picking up the Extended and Unrated 2-Disc Collector's Edition, and I will say the movie folks made me happy.

First the movie…

Sometimes there are comedies that are rated "R" where the teens have to sneak into the theater because it is really content for them, yet still funny for us adults, and the "R"-ness of the film is really what makes the film funny. Then there are comedies that are rated "R", but thankfully, these movies are really meant for us adults, with adult storylines, leaving the underage teen punks with really no desire to see the film, and the "R"-ness of the film is really what makes it funny. Judd Apatow did a brilliant job of this adult aspect of films when he brought us "The 40 Year Old Virgin," and he does just as well by bringing us "Knocked Up."

The story for "Knocked Up" is pretty much summed up by the trailer: Hot chick sleeps with chubby, slacker dude in a supposed one-night stand. Hot chick gets pregnant. Slacker dude and hot chick spend time together to see if they might actually have feelings for each other while hot chick goes through with the pregnancy. In the meantime we have back-stories of hot chick's sister and brother-in-law in a whacked out marriage, and slacker dude's friends (along with slacker dude) working to develop a web site (too bad for them Mr. Skin thought of it first), but most of the time they just smoke pot.

In this case the hot chick is Alison (Katherine Heigl) and the slacker dude is Ben (Seth Rogan). They feel some chemistry between them, and would probably have an easier time of making their relationship work if Alison's sister, Debbie (Leslie Mann), wasn't such a controlling bitch of a wife – hence the whacked out marriage and "can't take it anymore" brother-in-law Pete (Paul Rudd). She does her best at convincing Alison that Ben is a loser, but Ben isn't a loser, well, other than the getting stoned all of the time and being down to his last hundred bucks, because he loves Alison and just maybe needs a reason to get his life straight, and if he needs to find it in some mushrooms and Cirque du Soleil, well, so be it.

This is not a sequel to "The 40 Year Old Virgin," and even though the comedy styling's are very similar between "…Virgin" and "Knocked Up," the "Virgin" film deals with just getting there for the first time, while "Knocked Up" takes the jokes into the territory of the pregnancy aspect, and already having kids aspect, of relationships. But the good thing about "Knocked Up" is you don't have to be married nor have kids to get the jokes, you only have to have some friends who are married or have friends who have kids to be ready to laugh your ass off. I must make one warning, though, if you are single and have never witnessed the blessed event of childbirth, hopefully one scene won't ruin your desire to have sex again.

If you are an adult who is easily offended by bad language, some sex, and drug use, you probably won't like "Knocked Up" because of the, well, bad language, sex, and drug use (and you're probably also opposed to premarital sex so chalk another thing up to your not liking the film). But if you can appreciate the "R"-ness that was present in "The 40 Year Old Virgin," I will highly recommend you see "Knocked Up." There is a slow spot or two, but nothing that really ruins the film. For me it's 4 ˝ stars out of 5.

And, oh yea, as someone who still watches "Saturday Night Live" (and I don't know why), "Knocked Up" also brings us Kristin Wiig as Jill. She is an assistant to Alison's boss at E! and made me see the brilliance of one of her SNL characters, maybe because it is in perfect small doses, rather than the 5 minute bit that just drags on and on during SNL. Oh hell, Katherine Heigl in slinky clothes, some blatant nudity, Jill, and hope for all of us chubby slacker dudes, let's just go ahead and give "Knocked Up" 5 out of 5 stars.

Now some quick words about the DVD stuff…

Buying or renting the basic DVD gives you some fun stuff, like the basic gag reel, audio commentary, and deleted stuff, but the Collector's Edition gives you tons more, and as it sometimes happens with extras, some of them are just okay, but for the extended Dr. Kuni it is worth it alone. The piece showing the other actors being "auditioned" for the role of Ben was at times very funny, and who wouldn't want to know the difficulties involved in filming a stripper scene.

That's it for this one! I'm The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!


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