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Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Movie Stats & Links

Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Michelle Monaghan, Val Kilmer
MPAA Rated: R
Released By: Warner Bros.
Web Site:
Kiddie Movie: Oh no, leave them at home.
Date Movie: Should be fun for both the dudes and dudettes.
Gratuitous Sex: Some quality nudity.
Gratuitous Violence: Some shooting, dead bodies, and torture in the worst way.
Action: Some chasing and running.
Laughs: It's a very funny comedy.
Memorable Scene: Too many to list.
Memorable Quote: Too many to quote.
Directed By: Shane Black
Produced By: Joel Silver

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
A Movie Review

MPAA Rated - R

It's 1:42 Long

A Review by
The Dude on the Right
So The Dude on the Left calls me up and asks if Iím going to catch a movie, and I tell him that Iím thinking of either catching "The Weather Man" or "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang," and ask him if he has a preference. He tells me he doesnít care, and from the trailers, the film about the weather dude looked a little more like a drama while the smooch-shoot movie looked more like a comedy, and I was in the mood to laugh, so we opted for "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang." The movie ends, weíre heading back to the dude-mobile, and I say the The Dude on the Left, "Well, that movie was a lot better than I thought it was going to be," to which the Dude replies back "Thatís exactly what I was thinking." Hereís the story breakdown.

Robert Downey Jr. is Harry. Heís a small-time thief, trying to find a Christmas gift. When he and his partner are interrupted by an alarm, they flee into the alley, and his buddy gets shot. Knowing that staying with his buddy which would surely lead to jail, Harry flees, finding himself in a movie audition room. Harry steals the audition, and the next thing he knows heís in Hollywood, ready to be trained for his role by Gay Perry (Val Kilmer), who is actually gay. Harry also runs into his high school sweetheart, although she never really knew it, Harmony (Michelle Monaghan). Low and behold, Harry, Gay, and Harmony find themselves in the middle of a murder mystery when Harry and Gay find one dead body and Harmony finds her sister dead. Somehow things are intertwined, and itís up to our trio to figure it all out, and not get dead in the process.

Actually, the movie is kind of convoluted in all of the plot twists and turns, so Iím not going to really go into them, but I didnít care because I was laughing too much to care. Yes, thatís right, "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" is really a comedy dressed in a mystery/thriller outfit, and it does a great job.

How does this work? Well, kudos have to got to the trio of Downey, Kilmer, and Monaghan. Downey comes across as kind of a dope, but with a heart and that nervousness of how do you really make the move on the girl of your dreams when you are a shy guy, and also lying to her. Monaghan is great as that "moved to Hollywood to become an actress but has really only been in a beer commercial and now is getting too old to be the next big thing." But the real star of this movie has to be Val Kilmer.

Yea, thatís right, Val Kilmer. Gay Perry is a bad-ass, but heís also gay, and also kinda a prick, and yes, Val Kilmer pulls off every aspect of that character and then some. They also develop some kind of chemistry that really works.

Do you want to see a funny adult comedy? If so, head to "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang." Unlike a lot of movies where everything funny is in the trailer, because this one is rated R, there is so much more that is entertaining in this film that could never be shown in a trailer. Itís 4 stars out of 5 for "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang." And, oh yea, Michelle Monaghan looks pretty damn good naked.

Thatís it for this one! Iím The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!


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