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Hotel de Love
Movie Stats & Links

Starring: Aden Young, Saffron Burrows, Simon Bowwell, Pippa Grandison
MPAA Rated: R
Kiddie Movie: Lots of sexual innuendo, one real boob shot, and a story line that is too adult for most kids. Bring your date, wife, lover, person you're having an affair with, but leave the kids at home.
Date Movie: See "Kiddie Movie"
Gratuitous Sex: Nothing really gratuitous.
Gratuitous Violence: See "Sex."
Action: It's a romantic comedy - don't expect it.
Laughs: See "Action."
Memorable Scene: There's lots of cute scenes through the entire movie, but none stand out.
Memorable Quote: Break it (the engagement) off... The penis is communicating. The penis is not ready for a commitment... He proposes and the penis goes on holiday... It's a sign! Listen to the penis!

Hotel de Love
A Movie Review

MPAA Rated - R

It's 1:36 Long

A Review by
The Dude on the Right
I've just gotten done seeing the story of my life - well, sort of. I think I'll sue, although I wonder where Craig Rosenberg found out all of that information about me. See, he wrote and directed this romantic comedy (a.k.a. date movie) called "Hotel de Love," and oddly enough there are many parts that mirror my life - man that sucks.

Where to begin. Let's see - first there's poor Steve (Simon Bossell), brother of Rick (Aden Young), who is at a party and thinks he has just found the girl of his dreams, Melissa (Saffron Burrows). Only problem is Steve's too big and slow, like the dinosaurs - they all died, and his brother moves in. Wouldn't you know it, during this summer fling of 17 year olds, Rick gets to grope (and score) with the babe Melissa while Steve gets to be a "friend" - although he does score, just not with his true love. Melissa leaves and lives move on. Rick becomes manager of the Hotel de Love, the same hotel his and Steve's always bickering parents were married in, just got dumped at the alter and is sleeping with the, by my personal tastes, better babe Allison (Pippa Grandison), Steve becomes this stock-broker type dude, and Melissa ends up the philosophy student/professor type. Oddly enough they all end up at the Hotel de Love ten years later, only Melissa brings along her new boyfriend, soon to be fiancé, soon to be married, lover named Norman (Peter O'Brien).

What comes forth is a weekend of a bunch of different people realizing what love is or isn't, who really loves whom or whom else, and through it all it's the parents who can't stand each other that show love is there all of the time, even if you don't know it yet.

This is not a movie that stretches many imaginations on the outcome, but it is one of the cutest love stories I've seen in a while. Through the many twists of loves, the jokes about penises, and people trying to decide who they should sleep with, there is the piano player dude and cheesy hotel band who play just about every bad 70's love song, from Captain and Tennille to Air Supply, from 10CC to Little River Band. Just as cheesy as the songs are the themes of the rooms. You've got the "Subterranean Seduction," "Garden of Eden," and "Sports Arena" rooms, and you know, it's those kinds of things that keep you smiling throughout the movie.

"Hotel de Love" the movie is as quirky as the name of the hotel, as the mom, Edith Dunne (Julia Blake), tries to figure out. And it's even got some lessons to learn, like you should always write and send those letters you promised you would, the stars (the astrological kind) don't lie, and airports aren't such bad places to just hang out. In the end everyone ends up happy - what else would you expect from a romantic comedy, but Rick could have saved a lot of grief if he would have just driven a car instead of run to the church where Melissa is getting married. Oh well.

I really liked "Hotel de Love," even if most of the movie seems to be patterned after my life. See, I've always been to big and slow and lost the "loves of my life" to the other guy, I promised I would write my one girlfriend and never did, my parents fight a lot, and like the piano dude, people always come to me with their problems. Now if I can just find someone like Allison my life will be alright!

It's a cool date movie, there's a lot of laughs, and for you dudes you've got two gorgeous babes and for you dudettes you've got some good looking guys (I guess - that's what the one girl said). I give "Hotel de Love" 3 1/2 stars for keeping me grinning and chuckling from start to finish.

That's it for this one, I'm The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!


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