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Hot Fuzz
Movie Stats & Links

Starring: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost
MPAA Rated: R
Released By: Rogue Pictures
Web Site:
Kiddie Movie: You've got some swearing, some peeing, and one pretty gruesome "accident."
Date Movie: If she gets this kind of humor.
Gratuitous Sex: Sadly, no.
Gratuitous Violence: There's a couple of great quality kills.
Action: The movie even has a car chase.
Laughs: The ending nearly left me in tears.
Memorable Scene: The swan.
Memorable Quote: "He's not Judge Judy and executioner."
Directed By: Edgar Wright
Produced By: Nira Park, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner

Hot Fuzz
A Movie Review

MPAA Rated - R

It's 2:01 Long

A Review by
The Dude on the Right
Iíve usually been upfront in saying that a lot of times I donít always get British humor. This sometimes leaves me a little leery of seeing British comedies that seem to be getting a lot of praise, but seeing as I was a fan of "Shaun of the Dead," even though I never actually reviewed it, and since the trailers for "Hot Fuzz" looked pretty funny, I  had, at worst, mediocre hopes for the film. Letís just say that my mediocre hopes were easily blown away by one funny-ass movie.

Hereís the storyÖ

Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is sort of a super-cop in London, making the rest of the force look bad. To restore average balance to the force, Nicholas gets promoted and sent to the quiet town of Sandford. He finds the townsfolk overly polite, and gets partnered-up with Danny Butterman (Nick Frost), the son of Chief Inspector Frank (Jim Broadbent). Danny dreams of being a detective in likes of one of his favorite movie, "Bad Boys 2," and now given the opportunity quizzes Nicholas about what itís like to be a "policeman officer" in the middle of the action. Nicholas, though, is beginning to lose his mind, especially when one of the biggest crises is the town is a swan that has gotten loose.

Then some people wind up dead, because of "accidents," and Nicholas isnít buying it, thinking strange things are afoot, but his intuition isnít being bought by his fellow officers because, well, they live in this quiet, little town, where "murders" donít happen.

Eventually Nicholas discovers the dark secret of Sandford, Danny is torn in his allegiances, and some of the funniest, over-done scenes wrap up "Hot Fuzz," nearly leaving me in tears.

There are so many things about this movie that were funny, and worked so well. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were teamed perfectly as the cop duo, with Pegg playing the super-serious cop perfectly, and Frost being a nice opposite as sort of the bumbling cop. Then there is the mystery of the town, where we know there is a bad guy, because, well, heís dressed like the grim reaper and usually wields an axe-like weapon. But who could it be? All signs point to Simon Skinner (Timothy Dalton in a fabulous role as the town supermarket tycoon), who seems sinister, but Nicholas just has trouble putting the pieces together. And then there is the uber-desire of Danny to be in a gun-fight like his favorite cop/action movies, and finally getting his chance in the "Jerry Bruckheimer-Style," over-the-top, shoot-em-up scene at the end.

There were a few moments that "Hot Fuzz" seemed to drag along, but for the most part things kept clicking along, especially as the "accidents" started happening. And I can honestly say that probably never again in a movie will a swan on the lose be so funny.

Itís a solid 4 Ĺ stars out of 5 from me for "Hot Fuzz." You may not find it as funny if you donít get the humor of its poking fun at the cop/action/horror genres, but I did, and hope you do to.

Thatís it for this one! Iím The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!


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