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Henry Poole is Here
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Starring: Luke Wilson, Radha Mitchell
MPAA Rated: PG
Released By: Overture Films
Web Site:
Directed By: Mark Pellington
Produced By: Gary Gilbert, Gary Lucchesi, Tom Rosenberg, Richard S. Wright

Henry Poole is Here
A Movie Preview

Preview Only

MPAA Rated - PG

It's 1:40 Long
Release Date: 08/15/08

A Preview by
The Dude on the Right
Luke Wilson is Henry Poole. He has problems, now lives alone, and just likes to drink himself into oblivion. Then, wouldn't you know it, a stain on his stucco looks like a religious image, supposedly there are some miracles, and maybe a stain on some stucco will bring Henry back from his doldrums to realize life ain't so bad, and maybe it's better to live life no matter what the future might hold.

There's a big indie-nature to this movie, but that's okay, because as the summer blockbuster season winds down, maybe a nice movie with a cute story and great writing will be just what this reviewer need to bring summer to a close.

In a weird way I'm looking forward to this movie. I'm hope it lives up to my own hype and ends up at my gigaplex.

That's it for this preview! I'm The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!


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