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Starring: Gene Hackman, Danny De Vito, Delroy Lindo, Sam Rockwell, Ricky Jay, Rebecca Pidgeon, Patti LuPone
MPAA Rated: R
Released By: Warner Bros.
Web Site:
Kiddie Movie: Leave them at home.
Date Movie: It's good for the two of you.
Gratuitous Sex: I would have added 1/2 star to see Rebecca naked.
Gratuitous Violence: A quality shoot-out.
Action: Not really.
Laughs: There were a few one-liners.
Memorable Scene: Nothing totally stands out.
Memorable Quote: None stand out.
Directed By: David Mamet
Produced By: Art Linson, Elie Samaha, Andrew Stevens

A Movie Review

MPAA Rated - R

It's 1:47 Long

A Review by
The Dude on the Right
There was a movie released a little while ago, similar to "Heist" called "The Score." It starred Marlon Brando, Robert Di Niro, and Edward Norton and I didnít really care for it, namely because it was just too damn predictable. "Heist" has just as much of an all-star cast as "The Score" with the likes of Gene Hackman as Joe, the thief mastermind, Danny De Vito as Mickey, the money-front man, Sam Rockwell as Jimmy, the "heís going to be part of your crew so I donít get screwed" nephew of Mickey, and Delroy Lindo as Bobby, the right-hand man of Joe, but unlike "The Score" where it was easy to see who was screwing over whom, "Heist" does a better job at keeping you guessing, maybe because there are more players involved, including Joeís wife, Fran (Rebecca Pidgeon), and Pinky (Ricky Jay), another friend of Joe.

Hereís the basic story.

Like most movies about thieves, in this one youíve got Joe, the older thief who really just wants to retire. Of course his plan is thwarted by Mickey who weasels Joe to make that one last, big heist so that they both can be rolling in dough. The problem comes in with Mickey insisting that Jimmy be a part of the group making the heist, so now Joe has a feeling heís going to get screwed in the end. Alright, Joe and his crew make that almost last heist, robbing a jewel store, and of course, get screwed by Mickey. But Joe wants out because his face gets caught on the jewelry store surveillance cameras. Mickey ends up getting Joe to commit to robbing a shipment of gold off of an airplane, and itís a good plan if Jimmy werenít a part of it. So, yea, the plan is put into action, you wonder if Mickey is going to totally screw Joe, wonder if Jimmy might screw Joe, wonder if Fran will screw over Joe, and even sort of wonder if Pinky and Bobby might just screw Joe because, well, moneyís money. Iíll leave the wondering at that, and even the story synopsis alone, so that you can enjoy the many twists and turns that "Heist" works through its almost two hours of a movie.

So many things work in this movie, much better than "The Score." For one you get some great acting in their respective roles. Hackman plays the old, tired, just wanting to retire with his hot wife, thief perfectly. You see it in his eyes that he knows what is really going on, and you know that his experience is the only thing that can save him. Then youíve got De Vito, playing the dude who you know is just trying to screw over Joe, able to make you really hate him and hoping Joe can get him in the end. You also get a movie that does a better job at keeping you guessing at who really is going to get screwed..

"Heist" does a great job at being a great "thief on his way out" movie. The characters keep you guessing, the movie looks great visually, and short of a couple of "well, duh" kind of moments, its just a great drama in the thief mentality. If thatís your cup of tea, "Heist" wonít disappoint you, but if youíre looking for action, this one really ainít it. Itís 4 Ĺ stars out of 5 from this dude for "Heist." Go ahead, pay full price, and donít forget the popcorn!

Thatís it for this one! Iím The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!


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