No iPad 2 Camping Trip, “127 Hours” of Goodness, Richard Hatch Should be Fired, and Yay Poles!

By: The Dude on the Right

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Stu Gotz isn’t going to camp out for a new iPad 2 when they go on sale this Friday, but during this episode of our “Weekend Wrap-Up!” podcast I find out that we both agree we should have seen “127 Hours” on the big screen instead of at home.  Yup, we both liked “127 Hours,” and Stu also gives a good recommendation for “Love and Other Drugs,” while I tell Stu if he should take Mama Gotz to see “The Adjustment Bureau” (he should).

We are both celebrating Casimir Pulaski Day here in Illinois, and are eagerly awaiting our next special day, namely Fat Tuesday. In the meantime I’m also telling Stu that he better get his TiVo set properly to record “Celebrity Apprentice” because this season looks like a winner, even if David Cassidy got booted in the last episode. I am also loving “Survivor: Redemtion Island,” don’t like Randy trying to be Simon on “American Idol,” and if the producers of “The Amazing Race” want TV gold, they should have Stu and Mama Gotz as contestants.

All of that, Japanese soda, and more!

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