Another Evil

Rated: Not Rated | Running Time: 90 Minutes
From: Dark Sky Films
Available in select theaters and Digital HD:  May 5, 2017
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Another Evil MovieGosh, it sucks when your house is haunted, especially when it’s your vacation home. All you want to do is relax and work on your painting, but you are creeped out, especially when the entities mess with your stuff. Who ya gonna call? Well you could call The Ghostbusters, but sadly they are just characters in a movie. In the real world you start with the hippie, ghost whisperer, Joey Lee (Dan Bakkedahl) who refuses to get rid of your ghosts because, well, “The ghosts are kind of cool.” What? Yup, he feels Dan (Steve Zissis) and his wife Mary (Jennifer Irwin) are lucky to have them.

Man, good ghost hunter people are hard to find. The movie is “Another Evil,” a quirky horror movie where the real horror just might not be the ghosts.

Let’s get to the rest of the story…

The problem is that Dan is a painter, and he can’t paint in his vacation home with the distractions. Dan feels he needs someone a little more aggressive in the ghost removal business, and someone he knows has just the guy.

Enter Os (Mark Proksch). He’s the hardcore ghost remover, and it’s time to put holes in walls and get rid of the ghosts, or the EFD, Evil Fully Determined as Os calls them. If Dan thought the hippie dude was wacky, he ain’t seen nothing yet.

Os busts out his “ghost traps,” and it’s time to wait. What do you do when you wait? If you are a lonely, ghost remover you bust out the wine and try to bond with your client. We learn Os’ life sucks, he’s getting divorced, and sit in horror, along with Dan, hearing the completely messed up way he got into the ghost business.

Os has issues, and Dan hears them all. Ahh, new best friends!

When one of the ghost shows up, maybe, it’s time for trapping and burying. There is still another ghost to catch, so Os sticks around, and when Dan gets up one night to investigate a noise he sees Os standing there, naked. Os explains, “I had to get naked to feel the energy of the living room on my bare skin.” Dan now is pretty sure Os is certifiable and must go.

Dan concocts a story, there is a celebration that the ghosts are gone, complete with a stripper, but Os just won’t leave. Now the hardcore stuff happens as Os believes Dan’s son, Jazz, is the real reason for the ghosts, that Jazz is possessed by a demon, and maybe even Satan. I don’t believe Os ever saw “The Exorcist,” or even read about exorcisms, because he is trying to perform the wackiest exorcism, ever. As Os proclaims, “God and I are running this shit!”

Terror ensues, Os is more trouble than the ghosts, and it’s time for Dan, Mary, and the ghost to save the day!

“Another Evil” might leave you scratching your head like “Why didn’t Dan kick Os out after the first night?”, but what fun would that be? Your place is haunted, and you’ll do anything to get them out, even put up with a dude standing naked in your living room. It’s a good thing because otherwise you wouldn’t end up with a fun, little horror film of stupidity that might make you chuckle and laugh. Dan and Os have a good chemistry in their bonding, and Mark Proksch does a great job as the completely off his rocker ghost remover. Enjoy the movie for its quirkiness, be perplexed by Os’ methods of ghost capture, and don’t be afraid of no ghosts, be afraid of a dude who pulls out a “can” of wine he saved for a special occasion!

It’s 3 1/2 solid stars for “Another Evil.” Not the most fantastic of horror comedies, but wacky enough to make you chuckle and enough suspense moments to make you hold your honey on the couch.

That’s it for this one!! L8R!!