Supermarket Scooters, Bears v Eagles, Harold & Kumar Go 3D, TV Talk, and I Should Have Invited a Podcast Guest.

By: The Dude on the Right

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With Stu Gotz away I didn’t really get to play, but I did get to try out some supermarket scooters and I let you know, during this “Weekend Wrap-Up!” podcast, what store has the best ones so far.  Gimpiness aside, I’m looking forward to the Chicago Bears tonight on Monday Night Football, even with some slight allegiance to the Philadelphia Eagles.  I was also looking forward to “A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas” when, low and behold, there was some free time to see it, and somehow, low and beholder, my wife ended up seeing one of the greatest comedies of 2011 with me even though I thought there was no way in hell she would go and see a Harold & Kumar movie.

I give my take on how I think “Desperate Housewives” will end, I’m liking “Survivor,” another Herman Cain accuser is talking, I want to like “Chuck” more than I am liking it right now, and I really need to plan ahead when I’m going to have a solo podcast to try to get a guest. Oh well.

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