Hail to the Chief!, Happy Birthdays!, Happy Anniversary!, and Getting Hitched!


The Dude on the Right

Yup, let me start this podcast summary simply by saying that yes, The BFF and I got hitched together, and yes, yesterday in Las Vegas it was 65 degrees and sunny. I say this because yesterday I posted a Tweet mentioning our uniting, and the day started out with a lot of joy. The thing is, as much as Dino was doing a decent job at officiating, in the end our getting hitched wasn’t exactly what we were hoping for. I so much wanted to help The BFF "Pull My Finger," but sadly she’s still just flipping out. Such are some of the trials and tribulations with getting relationships upgraded, so as much as this podcast is about me and The BFF, with the Inauguration of Barak Obama as our 44th President upon us, I do try to also include some other topics in the podcast.

So, part of my trying to not make this podcast all about me (and The BFF), well, it also has to do with my reflecting on if Barack Obama keeps himself clean, thereby reminiscing the lyrics of “Hail to the Chief,” (I would love to know if Barak actually sang this in the Presidential shower – I know I would), how I really didn’t like “Paul Blart: Mall Cop,” and a bunch of shout-outs to my sister, The World’s Most Fantastical Niece, and Stu Gotz.

And, oh yea, Bob actually had the "Clip of the Week" for "The Biggest Loser," and not Jillian Michaels.

And, oh yea, yea, AT&T, you need to do a better job at your officiating!

Thanks for listening!

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the
Right!!  L8R!!!

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