Would You Ever Wear, or Let Your Man Wear Meggings?

I’m not a huge Twitter person, I don’t follow everyone who follows me, nor always reply to people, and I only occasionally find something I think I should post because it looks like everyone else already found it, but every now and then someone pops on my radar or follows me, and then suddenly I’m a fan. Granted not every tweet is something I’m looking for, but usually during the day, between most of the folks I follow, I get some enjoyment from Twitter. My latest batch of enjoyment, weirdly enough, is from a dudette I don’t really know nor can I remember how I ended up following her, but Michelle Tripp (@michelletripp) recently tweeted “I just googled “meggings” and now my eyes are burning.”

As my luck, or rather no luck would have it, my Tweet-checking came during lunch as it often does, and of course I googled “meggings. The results popped up, complete with a bunch of images, and I was treated to what could be one of the most non-appealing-to-me fashion trends short of the return of neon colored clothing that seems to be proliferating the stores lately. What are meggings? I guess the easiest way to put it is they are legging for men. Remember when people made fun of the “manssiere” made famous from “Seinfeld?” Well, meggings are ripe for making fun of, but sadly the “hip” people like Justin Bieber and Russell Brand seem to like them.

I know I wouldn’t be caught dead in meggings, and I’m praying my wife hates them as well, but I simply plight: Would you ever wear, or let your man wear meggings?

That’s it for this plight! I’m The Dude on the Right! L8R!