Do You Know How to Fold a Fitted Sheet?

We bought some new bed sheets the other day. I found them on clearance, which was nice, so my wife did the first thing you should do and threw them in the wash. Being the good husband I try to be, I handled getting them in the dryer, and then, once dry, decided I would get them folded for her, and it is here that I remembered that in my many years of bed sheets, when it comes to that fitted sheet, I’m clueless.

Sure, folding of the pillow cases went smoothly, it wasn’t too bad folding the flat sheet even if it was King size, but then, there it was, the fitted, bottom sheet, with the elastic creating this kind of oval that for the life of me I could never figure out how to work, what with the elastic constantly ruining my quest for square corners. I did my best, kind of faked it a lot, and then posted a quick Tweet and Facebook post about how I’m never going to be able to fold a fitted sheet, and one of my smart-allek friends pointed me to a Martha Stewart link about folding a fitted sheet. I’ve seen this link before, even tried her supposed procedure, but low and behold the sheet always comes across like a misshapen mess.

The thing is that usually my wife and I fold the sheets together, and she will guide me through the folding of the fitted part, but today I was solo, and reminded of my way to fold a fitted sheet that instead of Martha’s seven steps, my way has three. Step One is to open the drawer where the bed sheets go. Step Two is to just shove the entire sheet in the drawer. Step three is to close the drawer. Sure, Martha’s way, if you can master it, leaves you with a lovely, folded sheet with nice creases, but my way will give you a piece of abstract art on the bed the first time you make your bed!  I know Martha Stewart can do it, I know my wife is pretty good at it, but I plight: Do you know how to fold a fitted sheet?

That’s it for this plight! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!