No apologies, only excuses.


The Dude on the Right

was going to write that I apologize for not updating my blog in about a week,
but you know what, I don’t apologize, I just have excuses. Excuse 1: In
preparation for my trip to the
old country
, alright, just
, I spent way too many hours trying to get a wireless internet adapter
to work in my old laptop that would just keep crashing my laptop because my
laptop is too old and this adapter doesn’t work with lowly Windows ME. Sadly,
all of that time was wasted anyway because my brother still has his wireless hub
set at slow speed instead of fast speed anyway so my laptop card was fine
anyway. Excuse 2: In preparation for my trip to the old country, alright,
still just Ohio, I felt it necessary to upgrade
my virus software on my
laptop so when I check my e-mail I would be safe. Eventually I got it working,
but it’s really hard to do when you’re too stubborn to realize that the wireless
adapter in Excuse 1 was causing all of your problems and not the anti-virus
installation. Excuse 3:
Dude on the Left
and I went to see

George Thorogood and The Destroyers
on Wednesday night. The show was great,
but by the time I got back, all I wanted to do was quickly see if some of the
photos turned out and go to bed. Excuse 4: All packed up and ready to go,
I headed back to the old country, yes, still just Ohio, on Thursday, getting in
in time to go to bed. Excuse 5: After intending to start getting some
work done while at the old country, fine, Ohio, I was still struggling with my
laptop trying to connect to the home connection because I was too stubborn to
ditch my new wireless adapter in favor of my old adapter, and then finally, I
switched back to my old adapter when low-and-behold, all began working like it
should have in the first place. I’m such a dope.
I intended to write a blog while I was in Ohio, I mean, the old country,
when it occurred to me that I had left my
blogging software
passwords sitting on my desk in the
new country
, I mean
, so the blogging update went out the window. And to top that off,
there, in my computer in the new country, was stored my movie preview template,
which I failed to upload, or is that download, I always get that backwards, but
in any case, I never transferred it over to my laptop so I would have 90% of my
movie preview work done, all I would need to do was finish the preview portion
and I would be able to post a ton of them upon my return. Excuse 7:
Traveling back to the new country from the old country, alright, from Ohio to

nearing the Ohio/Indiana border
, I thought about writing a blog when I got
home, but well, didn’t, as doing laundry and just getting situated back at home
got in the way. Excuse 8: The Dude on the Left had an extra ticket to the
Cubs/Braves game Monday night, a game which sucked because the
lost because they suck, and hopefully we can finally stick a fork in the Cubs’
chances for the postseason because they are done. Getting back late, I really
needed some sleep because I had some consulting to do today.

But now, I’m back! Yay!!! Next time I travel I hope to remember at least my blog
password (that’s a drawback of letting your computer remember your passwords for
you I guess) to do some kind of update on the road, although, in all honesty,
the weekend Jimmy Buffett is playing at Wrigley Field over Labor Day, I have a
feeling I’ll have a lot more excuses why I didn’t get any updates during those
few days, and I also have to admit, liquor will probably be involved with at
least one, if not all of those excuses.

That’s it for this one!  I’m The
Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!