$20 – $7 = $15?


The Dude on the Right

Quick, what’s my change if I bought $7.00 worth of stuff and gave you $20.00?
Did you say $13.00? Congratulations! Did you say $15.00? I highly doubt it. But
that’s what Skippy at the movie theater was going to give me as change, even
though he thought it seemed wrong, but that’s what his register said I should
get so there he stood with fifteen dollars as change in his hand. I nicely told
him he owed me thirteen bucks, and his supervisor came by, and still, Skippy
seemed confused. The supervisor looked at his screen, told Skippy he punched in
that I gave him twenty-two bucks, and yet Skippy still seemed confused. It is at
times like this that I worry about our future when Skippy is our future. Yup, he
was too stuck with listening to a computer instead of using what should be the
better computer stuck in his skull. Look, I have to admit that sometimes I am a
little too reliant on a
calculator to figure something out that I used to be
able to do in my head, and I have to look up to confirm things like figuring out
area of a circle (happily I still remember that Pi is about 3.14159, and on
a geek note, how geeky are the folks at
Google that with their

latest stock offering
, they are offering 14,159,265 shares. Look familiar? I found the correlation
, and I’m sorry, I digress), but really, 20-7=15?  Here’s hoping
Skippy wants to be in a band and not an engineer.

Anyway, I was at the theater to see
"The Brothers Grimm" and if you are a
Monty Python fan, you’ll probably enjoy it. 
If not, wait for a rental. I also
"The 40 Year Old Virgin" earlier in the week and I have to say it was
very funny. There are some new movie previews posted, and I’m hoping to finish
up that back-log of preview postings in the next day or so and also catch
"The Aristocrats" since it’s now at a theater nearby rather than my having to take a
long drive into Chicago.

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!