Lassie, Did Timmy Fall in the Well?

It happened the other day. There was some candy on the counter, a bag of candy as it would be, and I was pretty sure my wife wasn’t keeping count of the number of pieces in the bag. She wasn’t home yet, but Milo was there. He did his normal greeting of lying in his bed, looking towards the door as I opened it, had a gaze of “Do I know you?”, and as I came a little closer he lifted his head a little higher, let his nose do some sniffing, and, when finally realizing it was me, he spun around a little bit then headed down to his litter box to do his business.

Careening back up the stairs he made it to the kitchen just in time for him to see me putting my lunch dishes in the dishwasher and spying on the candy. I looked at him, said “Don’t tell your Mommy.”, and proceeded take a couple pieces of candy.

I wasn’t overly worried about Milo telling my wife about actually eating the candy because, well, he hasn’t really had his “Lassie” moment yet, but as I was talking to him I wondered: Do you tell your pet not to tell on you?

That’s it for this one! L8R!!