One Staple of College I Seem to Suck At

I have an Aerospace Engineering degree from Illinois Institute of Technology, I have made some iPhone apps, I can, or at least used to be able to play the violin, and I can cook an awesome steak, but why is it when it comes to the staple of college students everywhere, something I never actually made when I was in college, I find that I somehow suck at making Maruchan’s Ramen Noodle Soup. The discovery came a little while back when, at the request of my wife when she wasn’t feeling well, she requested I make her a bowl of soup. My immediate thought was some Lipton Cup-o-Soup, but for her she wanted Ramen Noodles.

I have seen them before, I’ve witnessed people making them, but for whatever reason I was flummoxed at my first attempt at making Ramen Noodles. I’ve seen people just drop the entire noodle blob into the water, but my wife wanted them busted up a bit. So, I started busting them up. I was told I didn’t have to pulverize them, just break them a bit, but it was too late. Somehow I wasn’t sure when to add the flavor packet, and almost threw it away, so luckily for my wife she took over and created her nearly perfect bowl of soup except for the too-broken-up noodles.

I’ve tried a couple of more times, but for whatever reason the simplicity of making Ramen Noodles just seems to escape me. Maybe I just want to make them more complicated, maybe I just don’t want break the noodles too much, but in the end I just wonder: Do you eat Maruchan Ramen Noodle Soup?

That’s it for this one! L8R!!