Lassie, Did Timmy Fall in the Well?

It happened the other day. There was some candy on the counter, a bag of candy as it would be, and I was pretty sure my wife wasn’t keeping count of the number of pieces in the bag. She wasn’t home yet, but Milo was there. He did his normal greeting of lying in his bed, looking towards the door as I opened it, had a gaze of “Do I know you?”, and as I came a little closer he lifted his head a little higher, let his nose do some sniffing, and, when finally realizing it was me, he spun around a little bit then headed down to his litter box to do his business.

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Would You Go Back Later to Pick Up Your Dog’s Poop?

We have a dog, Milo. He’s a cute little guy, a little overweight with a bad mold allergy, and he also doesn’t like the heat. As such this summer was pretty brutal for him because it’s been one of the worst mold seasons for allergy sufferers and also one of the hottest here in Chicago, and as as such, he really hates going for walks unless I get up at about 4AM to get him outside before the heat comes. I was hanging in there for awhile, but even I was creeped out walking a white fur-ball in the dark when there have been multiple coyote sightings around where we live and it’s bad enough wondering what else might lurk in the bushes (a.k.a. skunks – which I have actually seen) without worrying about my ability to take on a coyote.

The other day, however, we ventured out in the afternoon. He wasn’t that happy about it, so we just went around the walking path. Now normally I’m pretty diligent about checking his poop bag holder before we leave, and maybe it’s just because our housing association had these nice dog stations put up with a poop bag supply and garbage can, or maybe it’s just because I wanted to get him outside before he used his dog littler box, but in any case there we were, miles from home (okay, more like feet), and Milo starts doing the poopy dance. He gets ready to his business, I go to grab a poop bag, and wouldn’t you know it – No poop bags! Ugh! There it is, in sight though, the doggie station, but my concerns now are that A) It will be out of poop bags, and B) Milo won’t want to walk back to collect his dootie as once he’s set on going home there is no turning back.

Well, low and behold, the poop bag holder at the doggie station was empty, Milo just wanted to go home, and I’m worried someone saw Milo take a dump, me not pick it up, and think I’m one of “those” dog owners who doesn’t clean up after his pet. So yes, I get Milo home, walk back to Milo’s no-longer-steaming-pile-of-dung, clean it up, drop his droppings in the garbage can, and just hope that if someone saw me not pick up his meadow muffin that they also saw me come back to get it and have a better image of us. As I was walking back I wondered about other people and plighted: Would you go back later to pick up your dog’s poop?

That’s it for this plight! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!