I Am Sorry


The Dude on the Right

Okay, I apologize for my latest lack of not getting anything posted, but I have
a lot of excuses, so let’s get to them.

First off, I went back to Ohio to
visit my parents.  I could lie and say that I forgot the charger for my
laptop, but the truth is that I didn’t even take the laptop out of its case. 
I just thought it probably felt so cozy and warm in its snug case that it really
didn’t want to be disturbed, let alone have me pounding away on its keyboard. 
Sure, I could have probably used Mom’s computer to type up some movie previews
and my KMFDM review, but Mom really wanted to play Solitaire, so I was stuck
watching sports, which gets me up to…

Second, there were just too many
sports things going on while I was back in the old country.  Now that I’ve
jumped aboard the White Sox
bandwagon, the

playoffs seemed that much more important to me.  With that,
baseball filled my evenings and college football filled my afternoon. 

Ohio State
didn’t seem to be doing that well against

Michigan State
, so I headed out to see my Dad at the hospital (he’s got some
wacky infection, it’s a long story, I’m not going to get into it), and then I
ended up back home to find the Buckeye’s taking charge of their game.  Then
came one of the most exciting college football games I have ever seen, namely
the Notre Dame/USC
game.  Un-fucking-believable!  Notre Dame controlled the clock yet USC
seemed to score most times they had the football.  On one of the Irish’s
last drives, I told Mom that they better get a touchdown because USC could
probably come back.  Sure enough, there was USC, a couple of seconds left,
threatening to down the ball to set up the field goal to set up overtime and
low-and-behold, it’s a touchdown and the Notre Dame fans are decimated.

after the six hour drive back to the dude-pad from Ohio, the only thing left to
do was, well, watch the White Sox win the American League Championship Series,
in another fabulous game where

Ozzie Guillen
let another one of his pitchers throw nine innings, something
totally unheard in today’s baseball.  Tomorrow’s challenge – scoring World
Series’ tickets.  My dream
World Series
has lately been an Indians/Cubs series, but I have to admit that I have loved
watching the version of baseball the White Sox have played this year.  It’s
been exciting, it’s been suspenseful, but mostly it’s just been fun.  The
problem now is if it’s a White Sox/Astros’ World Series, it’s going to be a
fight for pride between myself and my
sister’s family.  I have no concerns, I have the utmost faith in my
White Sox,

they’ve always been my team, sort of

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!