A World Series Gauntlet Has Been Thrown Down.


The Dude on the Right

I suppose I threw down the gauntlet, with this line in my last,
“if it’s a White Sox/Astros’ World Series, it’s going to be a
fight for pride between myself and my
sister’s family.”; I have no concerns, I have the utmost faith in my
White Sox,

they’ve always been my team, sort of
;-)"  Thinking back on it, I
really shouldn’t have encompassed all of the family into the "loser" category,
just my sister.  It’s always her I have had the beef with, but I suppose,
as a family, I would hope they would also rally around her like they have when I
grouped them in as a bunch.  So, I’ve got the entire family blasting me,
and I suppose it is fair, except I still contend the SAT’s were tougher back in
my day.  Ahh, togetherness!  But, it is a White Sox/Astros’ World
Series, and as much trust that I have in my White Sox, I really have to hope and
pray that The Wizards of Oz show that a
Wild Card team doesn’t
belong in the World Series.  Why?  Because if the White Sox don’t win,
I will never hear the end of it, and that is now my fault.

In any case,
tonight I posted my podcast prayer to God, to please help the White Sox win the
World Series.  I know he listens a lot to many of the singers out there, so
I really hope he has the time for me, and if he doesn’t have the two to three
hours to devote to the World Series games each night, I’m just hoping he has a
few seconds so that my Mega Millions numbers pop up in those little tubes. 
If that were to happen, my sister, and her family, could taunt me all they want,
but I wouldn’t recommend it if, I mean when, I’m 100+ million dollars richer.

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!